Friday May 20, 2022

The Italians wanted to exchange 36,000 fallen dollars in Zlín

Two Italians tried to exchange 36 thousand falench dollars for a bird in Zlín. The staff of the exchange office in the department store in the center of Zlín was stopped by a tall woman and reported to the suspicious couple. The police immediately arrested both Italy.

“Foreigners wanted to exchange a total of 363 hundred-dollar bills for euros. The increase in crowns is 570 thousand crowns. The suspect was also confirmed suspiciously on a special device, which reimbursed the pension and which refused the banknotes, “said Jan Bartkov, a police spokeswoman.

Mui drank to eska only because of the shift. Dollars dajn got from the sale of olives in Italy. “They said they had no idea that pensions were not right. These were very fake counterfeits. Due to the case, we also notified the Italian embassy, ​​”said regional state representative Roman Kafka.

A police officer released both men on Sunday afternoon in response to the decisions of the Central Council. “The settlement of the case will continue in the framework of international assistance,” added Bartkov.

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