Monday Jan 24, 2022

The koruna is the strongest for the year and is full, the euro has fallen below 25

Today, the Czech currency reached the best value of the euro since November 2008. The euro fell to 24.80, while in June the euro cost 26 crowns. Even those who are going on holiday can be happy, send the crown quickly, but I’m worried about central banks and exports.

The koruna also strengthened against the dollar, it improved almost 30 halls to 19.04 K per dollar, according to information from the Patria Online server.

The koruna was sent to a more than 25 crowns per euro. “During further trading, technical factors strengthened, the koruna strengthened and ignored the downward turn of the stock and the correction of water profits in the surrounding currencies,” said Patria Finance analyst Tom Vlk.

“Especially with the entry of American traders into the market, the trend of strengthening the koruna accelerated. The last time the koruna was so strong was in November 2008, ”added Jan Vejmlek of Komern banka’s investment banking.

Vejmlek suggests that the rapid sending of the crown may provoke verbal intervention by the Czech National Bank.

“On Thursday, the NB Bank Board will meet to discuss the policy change; an updated inflan forecast will be available. We believe that the koruna is currently stronger, the forecast will not be expected, “he stated.

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