Wednesday May 25, 2022

The koruna to the euro below 23 crowns, the price of oil fell, the markets stuck

The price of horseradish oil fell sharply, bringing with it the price of gold. The dollar strengthened, but not the crowns. She broke records as best she could. Google and Microsoft produced weak results, while Citigroup sweated.

The price of oil this week experienced the biggest weekly decline in more than three years. black gold fell after the US decided to support one of the Czech nuclear programs. At first, it helped to dream of fears of a possible conflict, which has recently been speculated more often than not. rn is the second largest oil producer.

Severomosk Brent fell by one dollar from Monday to Thursday, from 145 to 131 dollars, a relative decrease of 10%. On Friday afternoon, a barrel of Brent traded for $ 133 in London. In addition, the price of oil could weaken in the first week due to the slowdown in economic growth dampening demand.

Gold reacted to the fall in the price of oil and the stabilization of the stock market, when it weakened by almost 2% on Wednesday. In the bird, the troy ounce traded for $ 960. M continues to fall, the reason for the decline is mainly the growing number of the world’s largest customers. This could dampen the demand side. The price of re was stable this week, as was the price of the penny.

Dollar on the euro, koruna trh dal records
The dollar was stronger than last week. Last week, it closed at 1.592 USD / EUR and this bird traded at 1.583 USD / EUR at noon. The US has suffered the highest inflation since 1991, so the rate of rising annual rates is increasing.

A report from the last Fed meeting even showed that some US central banks were talking about “early” rate hikes. In addition, analysts talk about the gradual stabilization of conditions in the US financial and credit market. Overall economic problems, however, in the US parrot.

In one dollar, the Czech koruna strengthened slightly over the week and set a new record of 14.48 USD / CZK. The same was the development and the common European currency, the euro, when the five-record record was 22.99 CZK / EUR. The koruna thus fell below 23 crowns per euro for the first time, thus technically opening up space for another Czech gym.

The markets are well on their way
On the other hand, stock markets have stabilized relatively this week, which could benefit the US dollar. In the case of positives, Central European currencies could find themselves under selling pressure at first, or the massive gym of the last few weeks had a very speculative character. Investors simply did not find any other suitable assets.

US stock markets are gaining a 1.5% gain from the S&P 500 in the first three days of this week. British stocks were up from the end of last week on Friday afternoon. The German DAX index gained 2.2%. esk shares in ptek compared to the end of last week mrn lost.

In the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom has seen the effects of inflation. British prices again started to rise sharply, rising by 0.7% in June, so that inflation rose to a high 3.8% between years. That’s two tenths above the real analyst. Inflation in Britain is thus rising above the 2% inflation rate of the Bank of England, which, in addition to inflationary pressures, will face a slowdown in the economy. At the end of the year, British inflation is expected to rise well above 4%.

Amerit consumer far from optimistic are not in the mood. Although June retail sales managed to grow, however, the growth was only 0.1%. In addition, sales in May rose by 0.8% in the sun. The sellers have the biggest share in weak hearing, with sales falling by 3.3% in June. Consumer spending is more than two-thirds of US GDP.

US Federal Reserve Fed Ben Ben Bank warned of a further deepening problem in the real estate market and the negative impact of high oil prices on Amerian wallets. He warned that I would grow inflanch oekvn. According to the Fed, US inflation for the whole of 2008 should be between 3.8 and 4.2 percent. June inflation in the US surprised with a sharp rise of 1.1% and reached the highest level in the last 17 years.

From the results of the season, the surprisingly good economic results of JP Morgan’s investments are worth noting. On the contrary, we have achieved weak results from investments by Merrill Lynch Bank and technology companies Google and Microsoft. At Merrill Lynch, analysts lost $ 1.91 a share, but the reported loss was $ 4.95 a share. Citigroup was pleasantly surprised when, for the first time in three quarters, it performed an authentic analyst. Wells Fargo’s bank sweated. According to traders, however, insecurity and nervousness are still high.

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