Wednesday May 25, 2022

The level of the offer is easier to compare, but you can still catch it

From January, in addition to banks, non-banking institutions also rent pensions according to the new rules. However, take advertisements and advertising offers only with a reservation. The written offer is crucial. Pay attention to some fees and who will have a dispute.

In the advertisements for various consumer loans, small written unreadable texts are starting to appear. The biggest letters also say that you can, for example, pay 50 thousand crowns for less than a thousand.

However, the key to deciding on the most suitable loan is the information that the new provider must have in writing. You should first study the pre-contractual offer in peace at home and only then decide responsibly whether you want a pension.

You do not always have to get a pre-contractual offer

The form of the pre-contractual offer must contain clear information about how it is going and under what specific conditions the loan will be obtained. I must not miss the new amount, how much to pay the total, including all fees, which is the key information for comparison with other offers (how to find out the new information in more detail).

However, the new rules do not apply to loans of less than five thousand crowns. You will receive a pre-contractual offer and at the moment when within one year you give the same faith company for another loan, which will exceed its limit.

Get at least two quotes

It is good to time enough to be able to compare more offers and choose the most suitable one. If you request a loan offer over the Internet or over the phone, please note that you will not receive the final pre-contract offer that your vendor makes to measure.

Cetelem sent it to you by sweat or e-mail, Cofidis and Home Credit just by sweat. Provident, on the other hand, has a field for your representative to work out in person and, if he likes, he concludes a loan agreement with you.

Compare the menu level first

Always compare the same high vry ​​with the same maturity and repayment frequency. Thus, for example, cash receipts in the amount of 30 thousand crowns with a maturity of one year and regular monthly payments.

For example, Provident has only weekly payments and not monthly payments. Maturity is stated by this company directly in weeks, you can go for example to 45 or 60 weeks. The comparison is thus t 잚. In such a case, focus mainly on how much you will pay, including all fees, in a roughly comparable period.

Beware of some service charges

In the model case, when we applied for 30 thousand inches, the offer is the cheapest at Cetelem. In the event of maturity and regular monthly payments, we would pay a total of CZK 33,156. At Home Credit, it would still cost 33,324 crowns and Cofidis orientan at 34,754 crowns.

Provident pj to the new customer only 22 thousand crowns. A client who has received two of them will receive 30 thousand days, with a maturity of 45 weeks (approximately 11 months and one week) for 37,661 crowns, if he has to send his pension in the world and installments. you will send by wire transfer.

Beware of high fees for the service of a Provident sales representative. When you decide for it, the pension will bring you home and it will also regularly collect individual weekly installments. in the amount of 30 thousand crowns with a maturity of 45 weeks, it will increase by 14,091 crowns and pay a total of 51,752 crowns for this loan.

Borrow carefully, pay attention to the clauses

You have the new right to withdraw from the contract within three days of its conclusion, but you must take into account that you will not receive a one-time fee for the approval and processing of the contract. The creditor can take years for the days during which you had her pension in your account. Therefore, you invite any loan. Be careful whether any disputes will be decided by a court or arbitrator.

According to the first person Miroslav Huml from the association, the arbitrator is not the first member of the Czech Republic, but only by the general principles of justice. The consumer therefore behaves as follows: you have signed the contract, the contract is valid and it is fair for you to meet it and pay the debt.

All providers of consumer loans, including non-banking institutions, should be new and do not borrow cadmium. “If we find out that the client would not be able to meet his needs, we will confuse enough to avoid some of the client’s future financial problems,” said Nikola Vopralov, speaking to Cetel.

“Every applicant will succeed with enough cash,” says Eva imnov, Home Credit. “Now let’s reject the fifth applicant, which is not me in times of crisis, when we had to reject half the applicant,” remarks Ondej Holoubek, speaking Provident.

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