Friday May 20, 2022

The magnifying glass in Brno was bedridden by a bill, caught on a police officer in civilian clothes

Two mui robbed a gun in the center of Brno today. One of them was bedding a bill that was chasing them. According to the available ones, his injuries do not occur at first. The perpetrators caught two police officers in civilian clothes, who coincidentally circumvented the circumstance.

The South Moravian police Petra Vedrov spoke about the case.

The magnifying glass fell shortly before seven o’clock in the evening. According to the speeches, Smnrnk resisted. Lapkov mueohroovalipistolemi and took his pension. The eight then fled in the direction of the main railway station, a road that was always full of people.

“The couple ran out in pairs to chase her. At that moment, one of the loot fired and injured him, “said Vedrov. The bill later took an ambulance to the hospital. According to the available ones, life is out of the question at first, but I’m still in danger.

The couple probably wanted to catch up with Nov sady, where they had their car parked. Vnm wanted to go. Coincidentally, however, the stunned police officers, who were on promise, got in their way.

One police officer caught one of the perpetrators. His accomplice fled. He stopped, and after the other policeman had used the warning, he rose into the air. Both men are seized. He is heard and, in the near future, accused of looting and hurting health.

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