Wednesday May 25, 2022

The most expensive gasoline is in another Moravia, the carriers report the health

Nejdra benzin tankijii idii na jin Morav. A liter of Natural 95 costs on average a crown more than in other countries. Regardless of the region, carriers are planning to increase the cost of their services due to expensive fuels, to which you also contribute.

The liter of the best-selling Natural 95 stood last week, according to a series of published statistics from CCS, which has been monitoring the average fuel prices by individual regions for a long time, to another Moravian crown in an average of 33 crowns and 58 halls. In the south, they paid an idea of ​​89 halls to me.

Similar differences exist for diesel. A full house in Brno will cost you at least 40 crowns, not you in Tebon. The South Moravian Region is the most expensive pump to drive with the price of fuel for a long time.

According to experts, one of the reasons is also the density of long distances, because the pumping station, according to the main long distances, had the price of grafting in it by the operator on district roads. In comparison with the south, which has been avoided by large traffic routes so far, the south of Moravia will reach an invisible first place.

Wrong about where the pump is

Regardless of the region, fuel prices have risen in the Czech Republic in recent weeks. Diesel has risen by more than two crowns since November, Natural 95 has risen by more than two crowns. The trend broke only in the last two weeks, when mrn prices fell.

Behind the drama of fuel is mainly the rising price of brent oil, which last week exceeded $ 98 a barrel and attacked the psychological one-hundred-dollar mark. The last time she found herself was in 2008, when the Lehman Brothers bank went bankrupt and the economic crisis was spreading around the world.

According to Petrol magazine analyst Michal Rokanin, the strengthening koruna will work against healthy oil. “While the rise in oil prices is easy and the price of oil has risen by more than $ 20 since the summer, the koruna’s exchange rate is much higher,” said Rokanin.

In other words, the crown does not strengthen so fast that it can stop the health of fuels. According to Rokanin, changes in prices in the coming weeks will be determined by the pumps themselves.

“The development of fuel prices at petrol stations will depend on the development of the margins that have decreased over the last two weeks, or on the competitive environment in the city where the petrol stations sell fuel,” Rokanin added.

Carriers also meet carriers

Increasing fuel prices are beginning to abrade even in carrier prices. The operator of the lutch bus Student Agency vera announced the increase in tickets on some of its routes by five and ten crowns.

“It’s not just about rising fuel prices, but about raising the price of fuel,” said Ale Ondrj. However, changes in the price of the carrier do not affect the busiest routes from Prague to Brno and Liberec or many international tickets. Zven zane pays from ptho pondl.

With the rise in prices, the chairman of the Association of Automobile Carriers, Mr. Vladimír Starosta, also sweats. “The trend is clear. The price of transport is going up, ”the Mayor suggests.

Car carriers have contracts with their customers set in such a way that the prices for transport are deducted from the number of average prices for each quarter. “If the deviation upwards hell to determine the right, then the prices are automatically adjusted,” the Mayor explained.

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