Tuesday May 24, 2022

The new law led people to a cheap source of pensions, took their favorite mortgage

Do not drive a car, a trip around the world or furniture together with the apartment for a suitable year. The new consumer law, which has been in force since January, has prevented many banks from providing a mortgage product combining a classic mortgage with a non-retail mortgage.

Neellov st z provided in the mortgage account made up 20 percent and the hunter could force it on practically anything.

The reason for the predominant people without all disputes about this type of mortgages with non-steel st showed a known interest, is absolutely especially – an unrivaled year. You provided the pension provided without a loan for the same year as the mortgage pension. And as is well known, the years of mortgages resp. ron percentage rate of charge (APR) are several times less than years and APR for general consumer incl. You could get statistics for “free”.

In one product two types incl

The new law on consumerism does not prohibit the provision of non-residential mortgages, but if banks wanted to keep them on offer, it would mean known complications.

Due to the stricter conditions for the provision of consumer loans, the persistence of mortgages combining people and non-people in the banks’ portfolio would certainly result in increased costs. Finann houses would have to prepare for the client to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of signing, even without significant penalty fees in advance.

Last year, you were able to arrange a mortgage with less than half of the banks providing mortgages, but the vast majority of them withdrew from providing these mortgages.

“Due to the fact that we are still not fully responsible for the new concept, we have excluded the Twin mortgage from the offer, which combined the lead and non-lead,” adds Tom Pavlk from UniCredit Bank. The bank offers new clients to many consumers, including Presto pjka.

The banks of the SOB group paid for the canceled mortgage

Hypoten banka has also removed a mortgage from its portfolio of mortgage products. Offer them an alternative – the so-called additional accessory, which the client can arrange for any human mortgage. The client together with the mortgage zskv for a low rate financial reserve and 20 percent of the total in the year.

On the other hand, I am opposed to the cancellation of non-fishing supplements, one inconvenience, the client can bind it only on the elements associated with housing. For example, the possibility “for one pension” to buy an old apartment and pay for its reconstruction, or buy an apartment and a cottage. “Basically, for the additional position, the client can choose any element that is suitable for mortgage vry. In addition, there may be a combination of more than two units in one mortgage, ”adds Irena Zatloukalov from Hypoten banka. Clients of SOB and Potovn spoitelny can also arrange an additional mortgage.

You will not find a mortgage with a real estate in either Raiffeisenbank or Volksbank. Only Komern banka can now offer the Mortgage 2 in 1 product. Clients can buy anything and 20 percent of the total in mortgages, a maximum of 400 thousand crowns. The new conditions, which require the end of consumer consumption, apply only to non-steel st. Clients sign two contracts with the bank.

Nov zkon zkrouhnul i leasing

Non-steel mortgages are not the only product that has marked the written terms of the new Consumer Act. He will also buy a car for leasing. Citizens do not find this product in several large leasing companies.

The cornerstone in this case was that the client can withdraw from the contract within 14 days. And because the car is the property of the company’s leasing during the period of financial leasing, many of them feared that they would become for some clients only cheap car rentals (now in the link We are not car rental companies, the claim of leasing companies).

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