Tuesday May 24, 2022

The new shopping center could replace Prior in Olomouc in five years

With just one last mistake, the construction of the Olomouc Priory began to change into a modern building. If the owners of the “socialist” department store, which most of Olomouc considers a disgrace to the city center, apply for a building permit by the end of December, the new department store “gallery” could be completed in five autumn.

Moritz Gallery. For whom this name does nothing, you can slowly memorize it. After the construction, olomouck Prior will be called Olomouc due to the proximity of the church in Moick.

The construction of a department store has been delayed several times. Error last stamp. It’s on a building permit. The management of the department store hopes to get it at the end of November and the end of December. After the completion of the construction, Moritz could list the first orders in five years in the fall.

“Building permission is the last thing to go wrong. Otherwise, we have everything. We hope that we will be able to get it as soon as possible so that the reconstruction can load. We are waiting for two years, ”said Duan Hric, director of the Olomouc Prior and only the Board of Directors of CL Trade.

There will be “rehabilitation” as well as space for Priorem

However, it is not only the transformation of the building itself, built in 1972 and 1982, in the middle of the city’s monument reserve in the style of so-called brutalism. According to the author, the rehabilitation of the area around it is also important. Pedevm among a significant Gothic building – the church of St. Moice, Prior and the street st.

“Today, it is a kind of known as a storeyer, but in the past there was a main cemetery. We therefore want to recall the significant historical context in some way, ”remarked the architect Miroslav Pospil from the Olomouc architectural office Atelir R.

Its members have been wondering for some time whether they should apply for the creation of the project at all. “We also have architecturally complex buildings, however, Prior is quite sensitive darkness in Olomouc,” confirmed Pospil.

After winning their concept with the investor, they decided to take the whole thing as a challenge to change the space around the department store.

“The vast majority of Olomouc’s concrete building of the Prior is an unsightly remnant of years past, not just fitting into the historic city center. We are therefore happy that thanks to the reconstruction it will get a new modern TV, and so the space in front of the church of St. Moice will be more pleasant, which is somewhat unclear today, ”said Jan Doleelov from Olomouc City Hall.

Souasn Prior pestavba zmn k nepoznn

Not only outside, but also inside the most common origin after the variable day Prior to the field. “As part of the central entrance, an open atrium will be created across the street, with a lighted roof,” said Pospil. This will create a kind of passport, around which there will be a central sales area.

Olomouc building

The building of the Prior department store in Olomouc with a characteristic concrete fence.


Filled with the new look of the building, the concrete is replaced by glass and steel.

After the reconstruction, which the investor would like to complete by the end of June and November of the same year, some new shops will appear in the gallery. “We want to maintain the diversity of the assortment. There should be groceries, drugstores, directories, lkrna, bookstores, domc textiles, ”Hric said.

Reconstruction of the Prior had last year. The discussed changes to the regulated power, which were finally approved by the deputy before the time, largely withheld the objections of the pensioner Jan Chladnuch. CL Trade had to adapt to some of its requirements (you can read about the benefits of the Olomouc pensioner here).

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