Thursday May 19, 2022

The once famous biutern giant Jablonex has turned into a real estate agency

The new owner of the Jablonex Group made an imaginary runway behind the once-closed brewery production in Jablonec nad Nisou. Once a giant giant, it became a real estate company, which offered to rent the lease and exchange for sale.

“We will create a business center from arel in Jablonec,” said Pavel Divi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jablonex Group.

The company offers more than 63,000 meters of three administrative, storage and production facilities for long-term rent. They can be used not only by entrepreneurs and sole proprietors, but by such a large company.

For all tenants, the country is available, ranging from reception services to meeting rooms and to the service of elements, notes, auditors or ethnic groups.

According to Vojtech Krle, charged with the sale of the company’s property, the building can be flooded.

“Now we have twenty tenants who work in the areas in Jablonec. Mainly in the administrative buildings on the Palacky floor, which is gradually flooding. For example, a relatively large first-time company or several IT companies and thus the largest jewelry store are based here, ”says Krl. The largest tenant of the U Pehrady area is the Czech Mint.

Updated vroby u nen reln

According to Divia, a hundred companies could fit in the Palackho office building. “It simply came to our notice then. At least two floors are free. It will depend on how much space the tenants will require, “Krl added.

He is thus surprised that the premises also support a number of interesting companies, for example from the automotive industry. “Arely is unique not only in its size and use, but also in good transport accessibility and plenty of parking spaces.”

The last of the three areas of the company is located in the railway Brod. It consists of a primarily renovated multifunctional building for sale. “We decided to do so because it is sold at the bar and is given to private individuals,” said Krl. In the hall, it was shared by, for example, road transport and bicycles, a collection of raw materials or a company dealing with real glass.

The new owners, who bought this event in April, believe that the renewed two words of the company are not possible. That’s why they were looking for new ways to get out. So, according to experts, the new owner of the company could have a rent. Pedevm with areas for production and storage.

“I do not see the problem with the sale and rental of pubs and warehouses. There is a shortage of them and they are hungry for them. It will be up to the administrative ones. At present, there are no such companies that are not limited to the number of employees, ”believes Ivan J., Head of the Department of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec.

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