Tuesday May 24, 2022

The policemen wandered into the village, where after their departure there was a crime

The village of Strn in Uherskohradisko, which lies close to the Slovak border, has been frequented by police officers. After the local residents complained that they were not safe due to rising crime, the police officers reopened a small office here.

Parking before the sweat just outside the Czech-Slovak border in Strn used to be abundant until last week. Maximln was stopped here by someone who needed to go sweat.

No wonder, then, that after a police car appeared in the parking lot several times, Strnm’s unanswered question began: “Would anyone fall for our sweat?” He did not fall, only the police interrogated the vacancies and from the first day of November they decided that they would be in Strn more often than not yet.

“Only here are the boys,” smiles young mother Jitka Starobov, who drives a dog to park in the cork of my son Adam. After Strn, I often go, so I’m clear about what the police should do first.

“Everywhere you drive in cars at high speed and go on the phone,” he says. Similarly, in the presence of the police of Libue abatov, who also carries two ewls from the forest. “When the police are here, the furnaces will only be honored more safely,” he said.

Thus, the mayor of the village, Ondej Benek, warns that free time from the police was not a whim. “We started to meet here with a lot of misdemeanors and penalties and not two, we started robbing a change of direction, the fight against cars and vandalism,” l.

Nobody drank for the police yet, but the people are behind them

The police officers themselves can be found in a small room, which is in the same general building as the sweat. In the modestly equipped room, there are two seats and it is clear that they themselves are waiting to see how the local people will actually react to their presence.

“Nobody drank yet,” said the policewoman on the first day of November, when she left the office after those hours. Two days later, after the assertion, the policeman had the same answer: “No one drank after him. But it’s just a stop, we’ll see later. “

So would the swarm in Strn be redundant? Especially not, many cities like it very much and the mayor Ondej Benek negotiated the presence of the police with the regional police, which acknowledged that the police officer sitting 30 kilometers away from Uherské Brod are too far away.

How does the mayor see the first experience with the police officers present? According to him, there is only a time when they are, regardless of whether the people go after them or not. “Feeling safe is a subjective feeling, but we’ve been honoring me safely for more than two people lately. “I hope that the presence of uniformed police officers will help in this regard,” Benek hopes.

The policeman in Strn spends twice a week seven hours

Police also announced that they spent more than two hours a week in Strn. “They’ll be there about seven o’clock a week. It is time for at least one police officer to sit in the contact office. In addition, they will move in the tern and, for example, will have the speed of passing cars, “said the police station Ale Mergental.

Policeman in tak with controls go zaali. A nkte mstn asi z takiv aktivity radost nemli. Pi men rychlosti toti policist krom projdjcch idi ze Slovenska chytili tak nkolik mstnch.


Strn (blue sign) could so far only rely on police officers from 30 kilometers away from Uherský Brod (June).

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