Tuesday May 24, 2022

The production of Czech glass ornaments will die out, the crisis and plastic from it will give way

The manufacturers of outdoor decorations have been doing this year for a very long time. The crisis has forced foreigners, especially customers of runes of production balls, to celebrate Christmas. This year, for the Czech decorations, spend a quarter of a year less than a year ago. The manufacturers will not be able to rest even after the crisis subsides. esk kouliky toti from the market pushes nsk competition.

“For God’s sake, no!” in one cracked shopping center, a mother stood out to drive in front of the dark, not her son dropped a ball outside. But she didn’t have to be, the ball didn’t break to her surprise. It was made of plastic.

esk business chain toti run blown and painted decorations practically do not offer. They are very expensive for them, so buy much cheaper service from them.

If you want to decorate your tree with Czech traditional balls, seene is much easier abroad.


“Nothing will answer Tesko. Its prices are below our production costs. Our decorations are unprocessed for processing, they are of course expensive and are sold, for example, in the German Karstadt shopping center and in the Lafayette Gallery, where customers appreciate this work, ”says Regina Jklov, head of DUV, which is the largest domestic and European manufacturer. run vyrbnch ornaments.

This year, foreigners planted a Czech production plant. The crisis is all about pimla etit.

Amerian ordered half me

“Demand from America has fallen the most this year, by half. In other countries, it has fallen, and the total turnover of this year will be twenty and twenty percent, ”estimates Zdenk Thorovsk, CEO of Ornex, the largest domestic exporter of outdoor decorations.

According to him, due to the weak appetite of foreigners to buy Czech traditional ornaments, in addition to the crisis, the prices of glass, ie basic raw materials, which heat up the penetration of cheap decorations made of artificial resin and plastic.


“Nm demand for America dreamed this year and by eight hundred percent, which no one expected. But the overall decline will not be so big. According to the original equations, exports were supposed to dream by tens of percent, but in the end it will be about a fifth, ”to Miroslav Orma, chairman of the company Vnon ozdob, DUV – drustvo.

Even with no turnover, this year has better economic results than last year, when the company lost two million crowns due to strong crowns.

“This year we will also make a turnover in the profit, but we had to say hard. We dismissed the aunt of employees and, for example, on the heating, on which we installed time switches so that the rest would not be heated in the long run, ”describes the company, which employs 190 people in the main list, lasting from April to June, and now has 120 in the company.


The cooperative produced in Dvoe Krlov nad Labem is trying to reduce the demand of elites by expanding the range of products. For example, the collection of animals referring to the local zoo took hold among the children.

“We tried to offer decorations for Easter and Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t catch on,” Orma said.

Similarly, the Opava production of Silesian production will cope with the crisis. “Last year we had edest employees, we have thirty of them,” said the chairman of the company Jaroslav Veverka.


This is how the Opava company expands its range. While in previous years its samplers designed 400 and 500 new designs, so I design many more. The company thus started to produce balls with new wine for the first time. One piece costs 50 crowns.

Even with these efforts, the demand for Czech foreign trade is weakening, both abroad, where 95 percent of production is developed, and in the Czech Republic.

“We started the boom at the turn of the millennium, since then the turnover has fallen by about five and ten percent. If this does not change, then the threat that within 15 years the mass production of Czech ornaments will end and move to the entrance, where they use cheap labor services cheap materials, ”to Thorovsk.

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