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The pumps have risen for the crown this year and I want to give it. Ministers, turn it down

Fuels rose to new records. The price of petrol for a week jumped by 56 halls to 36 crowns and the price of diesel by 68 halls to 36.69 K. While the idea of ​​a twist, the pumps were able to reduce the consumption tax. That’s what the SSD wants. But Minister of Transport Pavel Dobe and Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek rule it out.

Data from CCS, which monitors fuel prices, show that in the last nineteen days, prices on pumps have fallen only twice, at least. On the contrary, in January, petrol and diesel rose by more than a crown. Fuel prices are the most expensive in history.

“At a time when the price would be close to 40 crowns, the debate on how we are able to resolve the issue must undoubtedly reopen at the level of government,” said Minister of Transport Pavel Dobe in Sunday’s Otzch Vclav Moravec. We will indicate that there are two possible ways: a reduction in VAT (it has been in full since January 2013) and a tax on excise duty. But he marked the first path as unfulfillable and refused the second.

The Ministry of Finance also has to be consumed. ”Fuel prices are currently affected by the price of oil on world markets and exchange rate effects. The Minister of Finance is convinced that compensating for these effects by moving the rate of excise duty is counterproductive. It should be noted that the Czech Republic is in line with this position in the EU by the Manchester Agreement of 2005. The parties agreed that they would not interfere in the tax system in this way due to fluctuating oil prices, ”Ondej Jakob told the ministry to

SSD opr star nvrh zkona

Consumption would dream of SSD, which did not try to do it for the last time last autumn, and so pump.

As part of a package of disputed measures, the tax was reduced as of 1 January 2010. According to the Association of Petrol Stations, however, the increase of 1 K did not bring any day effect, even though the state has increased the budget by 7 billion crowns.

“When calculating the impact of external consumption taxes, the Ministry forgot to include the outflow of transit orders and the transfer of three Czech orders to the filling station abroad,” says Ivan Indrek, a company representing the domestic filling station.

According to the new Minister of Transport for SSD Milan Chovance, this tax is the only recipe for improving the life of an idim. “The only thing the government is to dream of consuming money,” he said. The biggest opposition party is therefore again trying to enforce a bill that would cut consumer consumption. Last party proposed a tax cut of 2.50 K per liter.

However, the rate will be rejected by the Ministry of Transport. According to Chovancedve, Minister Dobe will also announce that the upper VAT rates below

Pumps discounted in five days

In the coming days, on the contrary, erpac stations should become cheaper. “For a long time, it drank favor first from the monks’ markets, where the koruna strengthened. As a result, there should be a drop in fuel prices at petrol stations, which should be ten times longer. It should be a bit more pronounced in the case of diesel, ”estimated the development of the Colosseum analyst Petr ermk.

Should fuel consumption be a dream?

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