Friday May 20, 2022

The slump in income is warming thousands of families. Protective financial reserve and insurance

Static household threatens a sharp decline in life expectancy. Many families are not prepared for the sudden decline of their incomes. People did not think about the threat of risk even in life insurance. The family can only be protected by a sufficient financial reserve and suitable insurance.

According to experts, the exact financial reserves that the family should have in case of other life situations always depend on the specific needs of each household. It is generally recommended that you have at your disposal an amount equal to at least three times the amount of your family’s income or four times the amount of your child’s income.

The reserve does not have to cut inflation

Free cash should be at hand at all times, not a bag at home in a straw, but the people do not behave accordingly. In order not to keep inflation out of the way for money, it is better to save the pension on a bank account, from which cash can be withdrawn at any time. The number of bank savings banks is now in the range of 2 and 2.5 percent.

Creating a reserve for families to serve mainly to hell short-term financial needs. For example, in the event of a city loss or an even decline in income during a long-term illness. Thanks to the reserves, the family does not have to disturb you with building savings, deposits on term technology or sell off your property.

The risk of protection can be protected by choosing a suitable insurance policy

People who even have a family or even a mortgage should protect themselves and their neighbors in the event of an unexpected slump by choosing the right insurance. There are now a number of insurance products on the market. When choosing, you always need to be aware of the risk of risk, the price of insurance and more insurance protection, which will serve to cover regular expenses and maintain the life of the family.

One of the most suitable ways to provide for a family in the event of an unexpected tragedy is life insurance. According to the current survey of the Czech Association, 51 percent of the population agree with him. Msn’s life insurance policy is usually in the range of one thousand and two and a half thousand crowns.

“About 70 percent of life insurance bags are used as a savings tool and the risk of risk is not available to the people. If, for example, a breadwinner with a minor income of 25 thousand crowns agrees, that in the event of death they will receive the payment of 380 thousand crowns, it is too low. The family should be provided with at least three times the lender’s salary, ie in the case of a 25 thousand income with an insurance premium of 900 thousand crowns, “advises Tom Skora, the executive director of the Czech Association of Insurance.

The income in the disease is equal to the insurance of the daily door

He gave me the opportunity that my family can insure with my income, it is an insurance policy in the event of a long-term illness even once. It is, for example, a private insurance daily court in the event of incapacity for work. Today, insurance companies compete with a wide range of such insurance policies, which are not cheap, but can pay off in the event of a long-term illness. They are especially suitable for people with high incomes.

When arranging private insurance, you must pay attention to the date from which the insurance company pays the door. In this, the individual offers. Be paid from the first day of incapacity for work or you and from the 29th day, which is reflected in the price of insurance. The price depends on how high the daily gluing you require and at what age you close the insurance. When paying one hundred crowns from the 29th day of incapacity for work, the price of such insurance ranges from 5 to 7 thousand crowns. Costs can be shaken in about two months of incapacity for work.

Two per day spent in the hospital cheap, especially for children

With the introduction of regulated fees in healthcare, it is also possible to take out a private health insurance, which will cover the regulated fees for each day of hospital stay. This insurance is suitable for people who are at risk of hospitalization.

esk pojiovna The healthy price of this insurance is set according to the age categories. For example, when insuring a child under the age of 17, the insurance costs 84 crowns, and at the age of 60, it pays, for example, 492 crowns. For each day spent in the hospital, the insured person will receive 60 crowns. For 20 crowns a month, it is possible to secure a hundred crowns door for a child in case he / she will need to stay in a spa, health resort or in a rehabilitated condition.

UNIQA Insurance Company has this fuse set a little differently. Regardless of the age, a single premium of 500 crowns is paid. During hospitalization, the insurance company pays children up to 17 crowns a day for children under 17 years of age and adults from 60 to 160 crowns, depending on their sex and age.

Insurance payments are expensive, the combination is paid

There are also safeguards to avert the threat of stt. It is a binding payment for those for housing and mortgage and credit payments. But they are not cheap, for example, they can sell the mortgage and hundreds of crowns. However, if there is a high risk that you will lose your job or get sick and you will not be able to get bundles, it is good to wind up such a fuse.

With an interesting variable insurance payment, the Czech insurance company Zdrav saw the year-round health insurance company. It is a modular type insurance intended for family breadwinners and possibly another member, who contributes to the operation of the household. Protection against loss of employment, termination of employment and long-term incapacity for work.

You can choose how long the insurance company will pay the costs for it, those for electricity, heat, water and meet the mortgage, and the choice of the various combinations can insure yourself literally. The price of the insurance ranges from one hundred crowns to several hundred crowns. The advantage is that it is quite easy to say. In the first two months, there is an eight-day notice period. Then it is possible to say a week before, which allows you to have a fuse only for a certain period of time, when the risk is very high. It is thus possible to reduce stress from stress, which can endanger my health.

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