Wednesday May 25, 2022

The state will be a part of the fleet of cars, the obligation to drive will be cheaper

The broker of compulsory liability creates a virtual fleet of cars. Prices are conceived by half. Becoming a part of the fleet is suitable especially for young inexperienced people. go with experience and with the accumulated bonus, you only stick to a hundred hundred crowns with the makl.

If Bran David P., twenty-three years old, had to pay the full rate of compulsory insurance for his eight-year-old old age, he would not get a bonus of less than seven thousand crowns as a young person without accumulating bonuses. In fact, the insurance bag does not take up to three thousand.

This is because it is agreed with a brokerage company, one of the boards on the Czech market, which bypasses insurance companies and offers extremely suitable rates. The car can be connected by estimating at least a few plates of thousands of Czech drivers and more of them.

They will become a part of the “company fleet”, which is then insured with some of the Czech insurance companies. You also offer bulk fleet insurance with large discounts for large companies with boards and hundreds of cars. Brokers, which offer cheap compulsory redemption, only, unlike companies, create a “fleet” of ordinary end customers.

For example, the Brno company Allrisk will offer me a ron insurance policy for a two-liter octave for 5,814 crowns without any bonus. Ji Toman, the company’s executive, claims that the fleets are open to five Czech companies.

“Outwardly, they say they don’t insure their open fleet, but when you offer them two or three thousand cars, it’s such an interesting business for them to bloom,” Toman describes.

The insurance can be arranged much cheaper, some brokers offer a mandatory warranty for such a powerful car for less than 3,700 crowns. Opt without any bonus.

They say that the ideas in their fleets do not deviate from the usual average. On the other hand, their insurance is designed for risky clients. It is most suitable for young people from large cities who have not yet owned a car and do not have a bonus, or for those who have a freshness after accidents and drank the bonus.

“It is believed that in this way the insurance companies absorb idisk mud into their insurance portfolio,” says Jan alk, the operator of the portal, which compares the rates of compulsory liability. Experienced people with the accumulated bonus will stick to a maximum of one hundred crowns.

The opening of fleet insurance in the Czech Republic has existed practically since the arrest of the liberalized market with compulsory car insurance. The main interest in their closure is the new insurance companies, which thus carelessly take on a huge number of customers.

Even the large fleets tolerate the daily extent. According to the Czech office, the insurer of Jakub Hradec as a “necessary evil”. “They were threatened that if one insurance company did not conclude an insurance contract of this type, it would be concluded by another – and rda. Whether such a procedure is a mediator is correct, it must be clear to each other that we can, ”stated Hradec.

For example, esk podnikatelská pojiovna estimates that it insures several fleet tiles in this way. Makli figure in them as a mediator of what is the rule. “This practice allows for the conclusion of a contractual relationship and there is nothing unusual about it,” said PP Renata Svobodov.

For such suitable conditions, are not everyone connected to macros? It is not entirely easy to come across the offer of a suitable insurance, at first glance the brokerage companies do not brag about them or the advertised rates are packaged in the formula “from”. Rely on pm marketing and personal recommendations. If the volume of such fleet fuses exceeded the load limit, the insurance companies would have to tolerate them.

The disadvantages for the customer itself are minimal. In the event of an accident, it works directly with the insurance company and can also use the assistance services, which the insurance company offers as part of the compulsory liability. You just have to prepare that any administrative step will go with your macro. Warn the binders themselves before that. “An individual in the case of insurance in the open fleet is not a contractual partner for the insurance company, so he does not have access to all the necessary information,” explained Pavla Pasekov, a speech of the Allianz insurance company.

The problem can also occur with the bonus that goes in the fleet. When he wants to go to a new insurance company, he may not be able to get a confirmation of the bonus for the new insurance.

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