Wednesday May 25, 2022

The thief collected hundreds of thousands of crowns from the bill during the period

On Thursday, an unknown perpetrator used the orchard to rob a sign in the center of Vsetno. He took several hundred thousand crowns during the hour. “The case is under arrest, which is why we do not want to publish the exact message,” said Lenka Javorkov, a police officer.

It took the thief only thirty minutes to break in, when the worker went to the office.

According to the police, the unknown thief took both the Czech crown and his pension in a foreign currency. “Several hundred thousand crowns have disappeared. The detective inspected the city and submitted photo documentation. They are working intensively on the case and finding out the knowledge that could lead to the perpetrator being caught, ”added Javorkov.

He did not want to give details about the case because she did not want to tell. “We’ve got clues. How exactly they are, but we will not publish them at the moment, “said Javorkov, noting that the cases of burglary are unique in Wallachia.

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