Wednesday May 25, 2022

The village suffered a crime, the police did not have the maid. Take the bus there

Driving those years ago, the police on the Czech-Slovak border in Strn in the Uherskobrod region was literally crowded. But this is a thing of the past, customs officers, border guards and foreign police have gradually disappeared. And with their departure, the inhabitants began to suffer from lupus and thieves. Therefore, the city is bombing the police to relocate the detachment.

“Even though we called the policemen, they still couldn’t get two in less than twenty minutes,” said Ludmila, a local resident. About the missing police in St. He works in the direction of communication at the borders, which in June fell masked magnifying glass with a submachine gun. And touprosted day.

Ludmila was sitting behind Pepka at that time first. “It simply came to our notice then. There was no ivka around. I’m always glad that someone could fall sometime in the winter. And in the end it happened at noon. He stole the pension and disappeared, “k.

In the past, life around the border looked very different. Customs officers, foreigners and border police worked directly at the exchange office. Tm kadho knew Ludmila personally. I’m scared today. As herself said, “If I could get another job, I’ll leave.”

When you walk through these villages, you can easily come across someone who has been affected by crime. The two people who serve the gas station have the bad experience at the last border. And especially gas, people most often left without paying. You can ride two kilometers and you are in Slovakia.

Police service is up to Strn Garden. Then he jumped

“This year it was a cut or a cut, it’s always a few times a year,” said the woman at the box office, who did not want to publish her name due to concerns about her safety. And immediately add the words that meteve Strnslyet often: “We need the police here. We would feel safer and it would certainly be calmer here, ”mn.

“People are still being rude today. It’s a lot of people to afford when unpaid, “he adds, showing how she tried to stop the idea when leaving without paying, but it didn’t work and she had to give up. “I won’t let myself get stuck or stuffed,” piznv.

“Thieves from Slovakia stole a cart from me, on which cars are transported. They were Slovaks, they are normal gangs who come here, ”Lubomr Zetka, two years of experience.

But the site will still be able to relax. The policeman decided to interrogate the Party and the staff here. Zatm zkuebn na devt msc.

“I listened to their mayor, I looked at how far away from Strn they are to our police station, and I acknowledged that we should help them in this way,” said Jaroslav Vank, deputy director of the regional police in Zlín. Prce pitombude mt police enough.

In addition to the mentioned robbery, there was a town bar in Strnvyplen, someone fell twice, tied up and robbed the town and gave the people they were robbed. You are a wedding who was robbed by someone just as they were at lunch.

Aby uetili, riding a policeman to Strn by bus

The traffic police should work here. At the border, there is a ban on the entry of trucks over 7.5 tons, but no one observes the team. A policeman could see such a car on his own, but he could not sit in the bus. Due to financial disputes, the police officers travel to Strn to the inaccurate cases by bus first.

It is also confirmed by the deputy regional director Vank. “I approve and support it,” he responds, adding that even on public transport, police officers may come across a thief or a searchable person.

“Let’s not make the police think of cars. J jim kvm: Pky, pky, pky and nothing for a long time. In a year, a police officer has to go through two shoes, not two tires, ”adds Vank.

The city will decide whether the staff will remain, says the police

But will there be a permanent police station in Strn, or will there now be a situation where a police officer comes from Uherský Brod, which is more than twenty kilometers away? What will it decide for you for a quarter of a year if the police will stay there?

“The only and only satisfaction of the local people. If they are satisfied after nine months, we will stay there, ”Vank replied.

I can just as quickly answer the question where the police get a pension, when they don’t even have to drive to Strn more often. “But we always have pensions. We just have to decide in time where the smoke is and where not. Where ns nco pl, let’s release the pension. The stagnation between such cities is definitely the case, ”he claims.

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