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They didn’t owe anyone anything. they ignored the bag and eventually had to pay

The costs of execution often cover the debt itself several times. often the bag for execution would not have come at all if the long-haired man could tingle you.

Vladimir Mazepin was given a court order. The company, which he never ordered anything from (the company, on the contrary, promised to pay him), auctioned it for 2690 crowns. But he did not appear in court. “I was convinced that it is such a nonsensical and absurd lawsuit that a judge cannot be convicted,” Mr Mazepin said. But that was a mistake.

The executor surrounded him et

The court ruled that Mr Mazepin was required to pay. In addition, the bill increased by years from delays and to cover the cost of women’s expenses in the amount of 8,800 crowns. He didn’t pay. He considered the verdict unfair. And that was he gave his mistake. The executor surrounded him et. Only then did Mr. Mazepin turn for help to Obansk sdruen Spolen defense. Bohuel pozd.

Against the title of execution, it is not possible to defend the mon. Even if the claim is washed away, forgiven, and even paid, the executor does not examine his rightfulness, that is why the court is. So he didn’t have to pay. due to the cost of execution increased to 21 thousand.

Pay off the armor in court

And go one down, manel Janatek. The same company asked for the payment of three thousand crowns. “It was ok, we fought the execution, which the company threatened, but we did not want to give it up,” David Janatka described his feelings. On the pages of the Spolen obrana association, they gave Janatka a model of opposition to the payment order they sent you to the court. Although they did not take part in the court proceedings, for some other reason, at that time they had a vacation booked and paid for with the children. They apologized. The court therefore ruled without them, but dismissed the argument in opposition to the payment order and rejected the action.

“In these cases, it is quite obvious that it pays to arm in court, because if you do nothing, you will lose in any case,” said David Ondrejek, vice-chairman of Obanskho sdruen Spolen obrana. According to his experience, the association recorded a number of cases similar to those of Mr Mazepin. “There are a number of falench mt and a mistake among the people, for example, that if they do not take the verdict and leave the city of permanent residence, nothing can happen to them,” Ondrejek said.

The most common mistakes and myths that circulate among the people, point to the right lawyer Ale Nytra and experts Obanskho sdruen Common Defense.

The most common mistakes and their consequences

1. Error: “The court issued a payment order, which means that the court took place without a part and I have to pay.”
Skutenost: The court issues a payment order for the filing of the lawsuit, ie it is based only on the unilateral allegations of the defendant. The payment order is issued without a single order, ie without a hearing. In the payment order, the court ordered the defendant to pay the claimant’s claim and costs to the claimant within 15 days of the delivery of the payment order, or to file a so-called opposition within that period.

The statement of opposition, which is appropriate to at least drain the string, shall be lodged with the court which issued the order for payment. In such a case, the payment order is automatically canceled and the court decides the case. As well as above one, if the payment order cannot be delivered to the respondent. The payment order must be delivered to your own hands. If you receive the payment order and do not file a statement of opposition within the specified time limit, the court considers that the claim will be accepted. This will give effect to the payment order and the claim will be enforced.

2. Error: “I will not take court orders, so no one can sentence me to pay.”
Skutenost: If you do not receive the payment order, the court will cancel it and act. He will invite you to this one. But if you don’t even take this message, you’re out of luck. According to the Civil Court, a so-called fiction or unpaid service can be served on a court order. This means that if the shipment was sent to the address of your permanent residence, it will be considered delivered, even if you did not pick up the shipment and did not even find out about its storage. The trial will now take place even without vs and you get rid of the opportunity to arm yourself.

3. Error: “I will not appear in court, the trial cannot take place without a furnace.”
Skutenost: If you do not appear in court without an apology, the court will take place without a vote and will decide on the basis of the proposal of the party who is asking. And even if, for example, the receivable is forgiven. No objection may be raised by anyone other than you as alovan. Likewise, if the claim has been paid or is apparently unfair, you must notify the court. If you do not stand up for the trial, deprive yourself of the opportunity to object to any of these facts and you will lose the trial.

4. Error: “Soudn zen is sloit, I don’t have a lawyer and I can’t do that.”
Skutenost: In complex litigation, it pays to consult a lawyer. If you win this court, the costs of the trial and the lawyer’s fee will be paid by the other party.

If you prove that you do not have enough money to pay for a lawyer’s services, you can file a court to assign a lawyer to you free of charge. You can also file a Czech Bar Association to join a lawyer free of charge. But there are a number of civic associations that provide the first advice for free.

In court, the salary is based on a freely evaluated evidence, so even a layman can resist, often very quickly and without detailed knowledge of the first. In any case, if you lose your head to the sand, you will lose one hundred percent and pay all that court costs. So you have nothing to lose.

5. Error: “I will leave permanent residence and I will live in the town hall, the executor will not find me.”
Skutenost: The executor is financially motivated to recover the actual debt and recover the debt from the debt. In addition, it is right to enter where you do not have a permanent residence if you believe that you live in a certain place or at least stay in it and have property in it.


  • If you know about some debt, you will know it as soon as possible. Most serious leaders are willing to join the installments and even to postpone the installments. You won’t eat anything sweaty. On the contrary, do not find out about a possible court case and thus get rid of the opportunity to arm yourself. In your own name, the current address of permanent residence is recorded in the population register. If you did not want to change your residence, but you want all letters to be really poured, you can report them according to the place of permanent residence, report the address for the delivery document.
  • In order for execution to be imposed at all, there must be a final decision of the court. The executor enters and after the long distance has received the flatness to arm and has not used this flatness at all or even the dog did not pay the final decision.
  • When the execution occurs, do not play the dead beetle and try to agree on the float calendar with the executor. You can pay the debt voluntarily for the entire execution period. However, if you do so within thirty days of receiving the initial call for voluntary performance, the executor’s remuneration and reimbursement of his / her cash expenses will be reduced by half. The costs of execution can be found on the website of the Executors’ Chamber.
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