Wednesday May 25, 2022

They have a lot of money to make a profit

It’s easy to get rich people. Not only can they afford to spend more money on abundance, but they also have it easy to invest. They can risk more and release more. Look where you should go with your big board.

It is not even a question of the rich people being in any way advantageous. The point is that many means allow them to try different investment products that are not suitable for ordinary or poor people, even without the necessary experience. We can only recommend to someone who has never heard of futures to invest in commodities, when the total amount of money for investment is less than one hundred thousand K. When it is lost, it means that he shared all his disputes.

The man, who “calmly sacrifices” the 100,000 me, is able to bear the loss and emotions play a much smaller role in his investment. Exactly the same emotions that lead my wealthy hunter to unintentional and hasty decisions, which wind through an infinitely high distance.

It could be so (and it will probably not be a new product) that in the case of many pensions, it depends on the decision. More income means a large selection and the portfolio allows for effective diversification and low volatility (fluctuating values).

Even with a rich investor, of course, they pay that there are those who are very risky, as well as those who are primarily concerned with the preservation of pension values. We then tried to get Piblin divided into pensions in the investment machine in the charts. Whenever an investor has other ideas about returns and risks, so take these charts more as an information tool.

It’s not possible without action?
The basis of the portfolio for a wealthy investor should be, similarly to most investors, stocks, bonds, or money market instruments. Especially in equities, it is true that wealthy investors are not only interested in equity funds and structured products such as certificates or ETFs (these, of course, should not be missing from portfolios, especially for conservative investors). However, much space is possible to invest directly in the stock markets. There are a lot of brokerage companies that can access the stock exchange anywhere in the world, and investors will definitely choose.

The large amount of funds also allows you to invest in foreign instruments in many countries, with a known difference (what applies to both shares and funds, certificates, ETFs, etc.). This allows for better geographical and sectoral allocation, as many products target specific sectors, countries and regions not available at home.

Of course, bonds or money market instruments, as a conservative component, should form a significant part of the portfolio. Dynamite investors may omit money market instruments and differentiate conservatively between government bonds and high-yield bonds (issued by companies with a rating), or bonds of developing countries. The first ones are less absorbent, but their yield is more stable, the latter promise higher yield, but with a lower risk of decline. Conservative investors can then replace money markets with guaranteed products, for example.

Securities are not everything

Various alternative investments can then be an interesting diversification of the portfolio. Here we can include various art collections, antiques, perks or vno. Precious metals or diamonds are very popular (non-shopping malls like perks, but as investment machines).

Gold and diamonds are a popular investment tool, especially for hedges in uncertain periods (recession, high inflation, etc.), when the investor is fully protected by the protector. It was related to economic cycles, internal timeless value, low correlation with stock markets, all these are the characteristics by which these investment instruments (especially gold) attract the investor’s interest. Investments in both gold and diamond should cover a long investment horizon and with the fact that the portfolio should take up a maximum of around 10%.

In addition to gold and diamond or collectors’ and art objects, alternative investments include such high-risk instruments that they should not even make up the portfolio, but their potential is very interesting. This includes, for example, the popularity of derivatives such as futures or options recently.

These are the so-called pkov products and if they are mainly in the way of subsoil. While in the case of futures it is the duty of the buyer, respectively. sell or sell the asset in question at a pre-determined time and on pre-agreed terms, in the case of an option it is the first. Their underlying assets can be both commodities and stocks, stock indices, currencies, instrument years, etc. Finann pka for these products can achieve above-average returns, but on the other hand it is very easy to sell the entire amount invested (in extreme cases even more) in very krtkm ase. Therefore, they are intended only for experienced investors who know where they are going. They are traded on commodity exchanges or over-the-counter markets and, similarly to the event, access to them through a specialized brokerage company.

An interesting stamping tool are warrants and stamp certificates, which are now available in crowns on the Prague Stock Exchange. Warrants are very similar to options, but there are some differences. Warrants can only be issued by a large investment company or bank, or brokerage company, while the option can be issued by anyone. Warrants are traded in a ratio, the so-called ratio (several warrants are needed to buy / sell a unit of the underlying asset), where one option corrects to buy / sell one share or bond, etc.

Another investment opportunity for large investors with strong nerves is the international foreign exchange market, the so-called FOREX. Shops take place here practically 24 hours a day from Monday to February. The absence of a mediocre (long-term decline in prices) or a market (as opposed to a mediocre market), the use of money and the associated high potential returns in a short time attract the amount of investor-speculator to this market, where daily turnover is $ 3 trillion. Careful and inexperienced investors should avoid using all the tools. A high return will never mean a safe investment.

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