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This year, SIPO celebrates 45 years and is still one of the most used forms of payment

The most sought-after method of paying a household fee is SIPO. The service with the unabashed name of the central collection of payments of the population is operated by the Czech Republic and has been operating in such unchanged form for 45 years. You can pay the help with concession fees, energy, but also insurance.

“Over the years, SIPO has gradually innovated, contributed to the arrest by the gradual deployment of computer technology and the current use of IT technology,” explains Marta Selicharov, spokesman for the Czech Republic. According to her, today about 4.5 million households use SIPO msn and esk pota first launched a campaign to support the use of the SIPO payment system.

Pulling out the SIPO is still empty

The reason why such a large number of salaries decides to pay most of their household expenses with the help of SIPO is, among other things, financial. If you opt for cashless bank transfers here, you do not collect a daily fee.

The price for your person is the one that the bank chooses to make the payment, then badly for only n. The bag is between 2 and 6 crowns for the executed transaction. It is only necessary to ensure sufficient cover for the expected operation. You do not have to take care of the other duties of the transfer and compliance with the prescribed instructions yourself.

Of course, you also had the opportunity to make payments to the association in SIPO. Others are a more comfortable and expensive option. For example, payment with a one-time order to the castle (ie a voucher) will only cost 5 crowns for Czech pots, cash payment (for pots and pots) will cost 12 crowns.

You can also edit SIPO from internet here via internet banking

It is said that there was a time when it was not possible to enter, manage and cancel SIPO through the services of the so-called pmho banking. In particular, it was outside the very popular Internet banking.

However, most domestic banks today offer this option of SIPO service (as well as other collection orders) via the Internet. Only you will have to go to the LBBW branch with everyone. Unlike the competition, you can make these direct debit rights for free here as well (elsewhere the fees are between 20 and 40 crowns).

SIPO positives still stand over negatives

If you look for information about payments of the central collection of payments of the population, you will find only the positives. However, our ancestors claimed that each coin has two sides and therefore SIPO is no exception.

An indisputable advantage in the first place is that you can include most household payments in a single item called SIPO. Therefore, at the bank, pay only one quarter for the collection (one ethnic item on the entry) and not for individual collected amounts of transactions. therefore, the fees associated with those banks, where each item on the entry from here means automatically a fee.

Bank Maximum number of recurring payments SIPO castle fee
(v korunch)
SIPO change fee and cancellation (internet banking / branch
– v korunch)
Citibank 4x free of charge 40
esk spoitelna 2x 5 0 / 30
UNDER 2x 6 6 / 40
GE Money Bank 3x 6 0 / 49
Komern bank 1x 5* 0 / 39
LBBW 1x 5 0 / 0
Potovn spoitelna 2x 2 – 4** 20 / 20
Raiffeisenbank 2x 3 0 / 30
UniCredit Bank a 8 dn po prvn splatnosti 6 0 / 40
Volksbank 1x 3 0 / 30

Source: Banks
Note: * from 1.1.2009 the fee will be 6 crowns; ** according to the bale here
mBank did not provide the requested information

Banks usually have the opportunity, in case there is not enough balance, to try to collect the original deposit repeatedly. and all the largest domestic banks except Komern banka, LBBW and Volksbank. Therefore, there is a minimum of cases where the transfer of pensions and thus the castle of mutual services does not actually take place. In this way, the supplier also has a good payment mark.

The disadvantage of SIPO is that you only determine the total payment limit. The set limit of individual items, which you will find on the collection schedule, does not fall into the weight.

And at SIPO you pay anything, you always have to negotiate directly with the service provider about the specific item. In this respect, sweat is only a sort of means of transmission. Therefore, all complaints, inquiries and rights should be directed to the supplier of the specific service (eg for soft housing).

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