Friday May 20, 2022

This year, we will earn more than one percent of the SOB pension fund

The financial crisis impacted sharply on Czech pension funds. Last year, their profit fell from the usual billions to just 706 million. “Last year’s returns will be between zero and one percent. The situation will improve in the summer, ”says Petr Bene, CEO of the SOB pension fund.

Contact us clients who did not earn anything last year? And what advice should they give them?
So far, we have not encountered such cases, also because the jet has not been determined and finally evaluated. But it is not true that clients do not spend anything. In addition to the evaluation, which will be close to zero in the worst case, they will receive a contribution and thus a tax dispute. In addition, it is a long-term investment in the horizon of 30 or more years, which will not be exacerbated by a similar short-term fluctuation – even in a “lean” year, they cannot suffer any loss.

At the end of last year, 4.3 million people had a pension supplement. Can the number of people with a pension connection go up?
Oekvm jet dal zen. At the moment, more than 60 percent of the working population have a pension. However, a pension reform is being prepared, which with some form of contribution to the budget. There is definitely room for the outside here. People are beginning to realize that retirement is necessary for them. The current income ratio is around 40 percent. This means that the current pension does not replace even half of the last debt.

There are some changes in the pension connection. eho se maj pes tkat?
It is considered that from about 2011, clients could join new pension funds, which they would choose according to the degree of risk acceptance. Such a model would have two equal benefits. First, clients will be able to choose the appropriate investment profile according to their age and risk relationship. It will not happen that someone who is eighteen and invests for 40 years has the same investment profile as a client of seven years

Will motivation with sttnmi contributions remain?
Yes, if we know, sweat continues to be advantageous in the form of other contributions. In the past, this motivation has proven to be very important for clients.

There is probably a charge for switching between funds. Doesn’t a pensioner discourage people?
I don’t think so. On the contrary, this change in vtm. It is primarily a matter of avoiding unnecessary cross-border clients between funds. It happens that clients receive advice from financial advisors to change the fund. But it does not have to be for a rational reason, but only because of the rewards for the acquisition. On the one hand, such an approach may not always be to the benefit of the client, on the other hand, the fund may create additional costs, otherwise it could be their income.

Which sewer to insure on? How is it optimal to make the most benefits so far?

Optimally in the contribution, which can ensure in the sum both the required amount of credit and the writing of the maximum amount of payment, the payment is 1,500 crowns per month (ie 18,000 crowns per month). For this contribution, you will receive an annual contribution of CZK 1,800 and a deduction from the tax base of more than CZK 12,000.

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