Friday May 20, 2022

those for gas will grow by six percent, in Prague prices will not change

esk domcnosti ek gave a healthy gas. The largest domestic supplier, RWE, has risen prices by an average of 4.9 percent since July. Go all the way to the customers in the south. There gas supplier, E.ON, raises the price by an average of six percent. On the contrary, Praan can rest, healed by neek.

RWE, which is the largest supplier of gas in the country, is responsible for the increase in prices by the weakening koruna and expensive oil.

The cost of households, which use gas for boiling, water heating and heating, will thus increase by about a hundred crowns. The same household – only in a family house – will pay an average of 168 crowns.

“The depreciation of the Czech koruna against the US dollar will have a negative impact on natural gas prices for the third quarter of this year. The koruna is currently the weakest in the last fifteen months with a value of over 20 crowns, ”said Tom Varcop, Sales Director and Board of Directors of RWE Transgas.

RWE gas prices from

E.ON, which in the south provides gas supplies for about 110,000 customers, has been raising gas prices to households by an average of six percent since July. According to the company’s spokesman Vladimír Vcha, the main reason is the price of the commodity.

People who gas top pay a few hundred crowns extra. Whoever uses gas only for vaen, pays extra in du du destek crowns, said the speech.

The crack in the gas station is not going to hurt. The prices that were valid in the second quarter remain valid. According to a speech by Miroslav Vrnek, the development of the crown and the health of the company’s oil will not affect so much. “We have several different purchase contracts and we are not forced to increase the prices for our customers in any way,” said TK Vrnek.

RWE last rose in April, when prices rose after a year and a quarter, by less than three percent. In April, the company raised the price for households for the first time in all regions. In the first quarter of this year, the group unified the prices of all its regional companies.

In the Czech Republic, the RWE Group includes three regional companies for sale to end customers: RWE Energie (two Zpadoesk plynrensk, Stedoesk plynrensk and Severoesk plynrensk), Vchodoesk plynrensk, Severomoravsk plynrensk and Jihomoravsk plynrensk. RWE supplies gas to more than 2.3 million people.

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