Tuesday May 24, 2022

Throw a smart bank aid?

From 1 November, ivnostensk banka wants to become a competitor to Komern banka. Ask how? It will launch a promise in the field of pmho banking SmartBank. It will thus become the second bank in the Czech market to offer mobile banking based on Java technology. So what are you doing?

Smart Banka will be another channel of pmho banking available to new clients. It is based on Java Mobile Banking technology and communication between the client and the bank takes place via a mobile phone with the help of data transfers. This product has been used so far GSM banking if it is controlled online connection, not with the help of SMS first and SIM Toolkit technology.

Mobile banking differences

Such a product is available in ivnobanka in its offer under the name MiniBanka and offers it, unlike other banks, in cooperation with all mobile operators. GSM banking only works in connection with a SIM card that is supported by the SIM Toolkit. Before starting GSM banking, the interested party must first find out whether the phone supports in the changed technology, whether the SIM card allows the application to be accessed and whether the given operator cooperates with the bank. What is definitely not the rule.

So how to characterize SmartBank? It combines elements of mobile and internetovho banking via the application downloaded to your mobile phone. Then help you get there your in the bank. But first you have to log in with the username and password. This is a toton with elements for other channels of banking.

Co nabz SmartBanka?

SmartBanka offers both active and passive operations from anywhere with a signal. For example, you can find out information about the status of the order, credit and debit movements, the back of a one-time domestic payment order, both in CZK and foreign currencies, including the possibility of confirming the order by e-mail, fax or SMS first. According to this, he managed to take lasting orders, establish term deposits and top up prepaid cards of all operators. Similar operations are offered by the Mobile Bank of Komern banka.

Compare SmartBanks and Mobile Banks HERE.

How to conceive and how much will it be?

SmartBanka uses Java technology, so the mobile phone must meet this requirement. The bank itself will issue a list of mobile phones that will support the product. It will be most of the now used phones Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc. It is not bad for the operator, the data services of your mobile phone must be functional. In addition, the recipient must be open to one or more of the package services from the ivnobanka offer.

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The product can therefore be obtained separately, which is advantageous compared to the competing Mobiln banka KB. This is offered only in combination with another channel of the pmho banking Express line, the help of which is also activated. KB thus charges two fees: CZK 15 for the Mobile Bank and CZK 55 for the Express Line, or CZK 59 for the Perfekt account that contains it. The total price for all necessary products and services is 74 crowns.

Is it really free?

ivnobanka will pay the fee only when SmartBanka is connected to the company here, in which case pay 30 crowns for it. If it will be included in one of the packages Personal menu (Standard 99 K, Forte 169 K, Grand 349 K), its operation will be free of charge, although

Furnaces just somehow the charge to the castle is found. First: you can pay for the execution of the order to the castle on the bank here or within the Economy Account (2 K order within the bank, 6 K outside the bank), the rest of the Personal Menu does not have transaction fees. Secondly: once you enter the order to the castle, you must confirm it with the password TAN. Set of 50 pieces of TAN costs 50 K, which is 1 crown for each rear. You have to carry them with you, because you can apply for a TAN using SMS as with NetBanka. The last item is the price of data transfers. At KB Mobiln banka, the user pays 3 crowns per order, if it is an order to another bank, then it is five crowns.

SmartBanka is definitely a good helper, especially if you need control over the road or out of the office. Thanks to you can easily access here with all the comforts, it is approaching internet banking. However, you must have a phone that meets the installation requirements, otherwise you will not be able to use SmartBank.

Do you think SmartBanka nalk ivnobance new clients? How do you vm this service lb? Would you like to use it? Drinks them with light.

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