Monday May 16, 2022

Tips: so that your pensions do not disappear via the web

1.Select the most safe

It is the easiest to protect only with a password, but you’d better learn to use a calculator ifrovator. This is not so complicated, it is basically a matter of not entering data and your passwords directly on the web, but in an electronic calculator, which will only generate the file back to the web.

2. Secure your way

Using a computer without protection programs such as antivirus or firewall is no longer common sense. To prevent viruses from entering your computer or other programs to collect and distribute data from your computer, including how to go to pages and how to use passwords.

3. Be safe

Do not give your passwords to anyone, do not respond to suspicious e-mails concerning money transactions. Even if they appear to be from your bank, call me.

4.Pouvejte jen svj pot

Never log on to the Internet here from someone else’s, then your public. This also applies to employees in employment or internet cafes.

5. Keep the documents

Check regularly what’s going on here. Keep your proof of payment and compare it with the entries. If suspected, contact a bank.

6. Beware of card payments

You can drink about the pension from here even when you pay by card over the internet. On unsecured websites, someone can get and then discard card data. Therefore, use the card on the Internet only with a licensed retailer. Avoid risky websites such as casinos, pornographic sites and the like.

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