Wednesday May 25, 2022

tonk with grants from the krnovsk smnrna was a good hunter who gave birth to a neighbor

He was desperate, mon. So explain the motif of the tonka, who missed the Thursday with two grants and a pistol in his hand, dropped the direction in Krnov, his birth. The editor of MF DNES spoke to them in their house in Moravský Beroun in the Olomouc region.

In an interview with them, out of the presumption of perseverance, an apology to the wounded and reassured them that information about the ways in which they were in the man’s house was nonsense.

Milan D. himself, who died after the explosion of one of his city grants and injured six other people (more here), was, according to his neighbor, non-conflicting, quiet and sunny, who only took care of his families. It agreed on a dog of ten cities.

“He must have been desperate,” Milan D.’s mother repeated several times during the interview, his full name is known to the editors, but he does not publish it with regard to his family. A slightly distraught woman is the perpetrator’s stepmother, but she belongs to the family at the age of twenty.

“I recognized him as a non-conflict hunter, always willing to help him with anything,” he describes with long pauses and sadness.

“If you can fully explain what happened in Krnov? Nedoku. After the revolution, Milan wandered from Germany, where he stayed with his real mother, and started a car business here. Lately, he may have stopped doing well and took his pensions, ”he paused for a moment.

She then concludes her explanation of the Krnov case with the assumption that the stepson will be persecuted. “Milan was such that he did not hang out with him, he was independent. For the whole family and for Milan himself, I would like to apologize to the injured in this direction, ”added my mother.

Where he took the grants is for me, to my father

Milan’s father joins the conversation in the conversation. He, too, speaks slowly, with pauses. e pawn on where his son took the gun and the grants.

“He had an arms order, yes, but the grants are good for me. Of course, I don’t deny that you got them somewhere, but I can’t explain it. It appeared on the TV that at home he may have had a lot of stuff. That’s absolutely stupid, “he stressed.

Only the police can be the source of further information about the cases in the family house in Moravský Beroun, where Milan D. and his daughter and two daughters lived until recently. The bag doesn’t want to make the information public yet. “With regard to the trial, we do not have to comment on our steps in time,” said police spokeswoman Soa ttnsk.

As well as the parents, the town and the neighbor are surprised by the perpetrators of the housing in the perpetrators. “He was a good neighbor and a man. He took great care of his two daughters for a long time. The family did pay a lot of attention, he didn’t even go to the pub. Such a reversal is crucial for all of us in Moravský Beroun, ”describes Miroslav Musil, who lived in the neighborhood.

“Obas willingly drank me a chopper and put it over. The last time I greeted me was about a week ago, when he also pulled down a fence near his house. I was so engrossed, we swapped together, this time it was hardly a greeting, ”added the neighbor.

In a conversation with MF DNES, more than a lot of locals complete the story about the nature of the Krnov loup. “I’m running cold on the walls,” he describes, looking at his family wife, who doesn’t want to be named. “No one would say anything like that to him, he was so quiet and inconspicuous. I’ve known him since he was a child. In addition, his daughters are among the best in the bike, it’s a sunny family, “she said.

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