Wednesday May 25, 2022

Travel routes: A payment that did not ring

Don’t you want to rely only on cash and there are no popular credit cards in the area where you are going? Try to buy travel tickets at the bank.

The sale of travel tickets is not very popular in the Czech Republic, we are more likely to promote Czechs to foreigners, we would not sell them to our tourists, to Martina Lambert from Bawag Bank. The world works without problems, clients do not have to be at all. The advantage of this is that they can be easily exchanged for pensions, and at the same time they are protected against misuse. Their use is based on the signature and the pedloen document.

When buying at the bank, the client signs each time, the signature then serves as a model, explains Tom Kofro from Raiffeisenbank: When paying, the client signs a second time. It is important that the merchant I receive sees it. If both signatures are the same, it is in the file. It is obvious that the one who laughs at the Czechs wants to see a proof of integrity. If it happens that you lose the checks, there is a possibility to block them and the bank should send them a new one within 24 hours.

Take the documents to buy them

The client must personally visit the bank and buy, the fee is one percent of the graduation, the bank sets a minimum amount that you must pay them. So you at GE Money Bank will have a minimum fee when buying travel expenses of 750 crowns. Buy a check in certain currencies and values, so in the case of a check in check, the client does not sail. To buy you need an ID card or passport and of course a pension, to Tom Kofro. Abroad, Czechs can be exchanged for cash at the bank and in exchange, or you can pay directly with them. You can use Czechs most often in restaurants and hotels, or in shops, as usual. Pm payment bv free of charge, the shift comes at 1 and 3 percent.

Feel free to leave the Czechs in full swing

Travelers have unlimited validity. If they remain, you can leave them at home after returning, where you can wait for your vacation. The only thing that warms them at this moment is the slc crown asn associated with the loss of the value of the ecu. If you prefer cash, the bank will buy back from the Czech Republic. In that case, you will again avoid the fee this time, and two percent of the value of the ecu. For some types of banks, the fee may pass, such as Citibank and American Express.

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