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Tricks of building societies

year of contracts, which were concluded a few years ago, are not paid to the building society. years, the rates on the deposit are for them in comparison with the current tariffs by quite a lot of you. Therefore, sometimes they come with offers, which may not be suitable for clients at all.

If for some reason you need a reel customs duty in the contract of stavebnm spoen, you may encounter problems. Especially in the case when you have a contract for several years. In the case of older contracts, both deposits and loans are at higher rates than those currently negotiated. Zatmco u aktulnch rate The years of deposit rates are most often 2%, for older contracts it is 3% and 5%.

This, of course, at a time when the thorns of years rates are much less than two, stavebnm spoitelnm nevyplc, and therefore dream lpe roench contracts if mono get rid of. Inviting customs is thus only possible for clients at the price of a dream year. Unfortunately, they will also receive a hundred years of income. Sometimes savings banks will even suggest such a change to clients themselves.

Extraordinary letter from MSS

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Pro at work in no time
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Some MSS clients have recently received a letter from the savings bank with an extraordinary offer of suitable outsiders, which can be issued by the end of December. With this action, the savings bank confused some clients, otherwise angered some, which in combination with a good advisor could even damage. It offers the selected clients a special advantage. The condition is to change the original tariff to one of the two current ones, ie Invest or Perspective. It is emphasized here that the client can extend the opportunity to draw more appropriately sttn support (4,500 crowns instead of the current 3,000) and will reduce the interest rate (from the original 6% will fall to the current 4.8%). He added the advantage that for this transition to the new tariff there will be no customs charge, which is standard for one third of the years written so far.

However, it is not stated at all that by switching to these tariffs, you will get a one-year deposit, at 2%. Since the offer is given to clients who have in the contract an annual rate of deposit of 3% and in addition, in the case of vru zskat additional years preferential more than 50% of the hundreds of years written, some people would lose this offer. Of course, it pays off.

Is this offer really so bad?

The mistake of this event, which made some clients and advisors angry, is the first completely missing information. When the client asks that he gets the benefits and then finds out that it will bring some of the losses, I am honored to be deceived. In addition, the savings bank sent this letter to clients for whom it was invited clov stky not suitable. The rest will lose a large deposit in the future and go pay the castle for an extra charge (1% of the difference between the original and the new charge). In the letter, only the reference to the financial advisor is given as a source of information. And you don’t have to advise the client at all, they are far from all of them.

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If the outside of the person is suitable for the client for some reason, then the offer is also suitable for him. That you don’t have to pay the castle for a change tariff, it is not even a question of the income received so far. The rate will not be applied until January this year. According to its standard, the standard MSS proceeds when entering the contract as follows: If the client wants to wind up the customs duty, the contract will be transferred to the Invest tariff. Pay a fee for this according to the tariff in most tenths until the end of the written year. years written until the end of the year of previous changes will otherwise remain unchanged, ie. roen 3%. From 1 January in the year in which the change is made, his deposits will be charged at a rate of 2%, as well as in subsequent years.

This means that when changing the rate, MSS does not reverse the exchange from the date of the duration of the contract, but reduces it from 3% to 2% until the change is made by the first fee for changing the tariff.

HYPO stavebn spoitelna gives me a similar event

HYPO stavebn spoitelna also sent a letter similar to MSS to selected clients. Here, too, it is argued with state support and the supply of salaries even until the end of the year. While MSS does not reduce the return on annual returns, but charges a fee, HYPO does not reduce the daily fee for changing the tariff, but from outside the tax means the loss of the annual advantage. When switching from the former CMW tariff to the current NS tariff, it is a loss, as the 3% discount is advantageous here for years. Therefore, the client will not have 5% annual deposits, but only 2%. With the fact that I can get more years, preferably in more than 20% of written years. The first client with the CMW tariff will be notified of the event. In the case of external members, the fixed year will be advantageous for them in the balance reached on 31.12.2004. No rate will apply and from this year. If a person’s contact is suitable for the client, then this special offer is also suitable for him. Ovem bohuel not all addressed clients on the outside clov stky issue. Unlike MSS, HYPO spoitelna received information on rate changes in its letter to clients. As well as MSS, she forgot to state that the payer of the contract is paid in the amount of 1% of the difference between the original and the new member. (This building is owned by all building societies.)

How to navy clovou steak last spoitelny

Stavebn spoitelna S

Clients who have entered into a building savings contract before November 30, 2002 are subject to the rate of deposit and change on the terms of the currently offered tariff by changing the years. The original years from the deposit to the client remain in the current state, the reduced year is valid and from the year of the change the years the rate from the deposit. SS S does not charge a daily fee for this.

Modr pyramida

It proceeds similarly to MSS. The original tariff will change to the current Kredit tariff, where the one-year deposit rate is 2%. There is no K. The savings bank compensates from 3% to 2% in the period until the rate change with a tariff change fee of more than one-third of a year.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna

According to the information from the savings bank, the client will lose only 1% of the bonus for external members, if he has agreed it in his contract. The basic rate and the savings rate do not change. The castle is paid only for the change of the tariff from the original to the current S041 for contracts concluded before 31.10.2002. It pays off in the case of erpn vru, as both rates are there. This castle in one aunt pipsanch year to day of change.

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna

There will be no change in the tariff or the basic year of the rate, the client will only lose the year of bonuses, which according to the contract would get an unfulfilled fee in case of failure. Spoitelna does not charge a fee for outside days.

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