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Tried: Business cards for crowns? Events such as I do not want a free discount

In my e-mail, the gun irresistibly offered me to print business cards. 250 pieces for 75 crowns and a stamp and pen with its own motif. So cheap business cards would be useful for me, so I click to know everything.

On the website, you will immediately find an interactive form, according to which you can choose the water style of the business card. Nabdka is really attractive. Only in the field of breeding, I’m looking for it, there are 140 motifs, which you can also finish yourself.

At first glance, it looks like time

I admit, for a while it engulfed me. Choose a photo, edit, change the text, edit the font Done. And where is the stamp? Ah, on the next click, along with the pen. When I decide to place an order, I will not get into the shopping cart classically, but the offer of magnets, pads, blocks, stickers will fall out.

Quite favorable prices, but I resolved. I wanted a business card and a stamp for only 75 crowns, right?

Ordering forms for disclosures incl

It won’t be like that for 75, because I put my own picture on the business card. But wake up, even with a hundred more, it’s still a good price. Go choose the mode of transport. The average price of 206 crowns means that the shipment would travel to me for 21 days. Internet standard three days costs 990 crowns, if I want to get the order in two days, I will pay even 1,237 crowns.

Natval m way of selling

It is not that the price is unchanged even after the traffic is sweaty. If my business cards stood in a week, one would cost 4.50, the stamp and pen are free. Natval m sp method of sale. Lkn at a low price. Involved in the game (the company’s website immediately communicates with you: all those children, etchings, dots, business cards are displayed with the data you put on the business card and in a harmonious design). And then the price of transport, which ten times the first attractive offer.

The company contacts me again

Natvan close the pages – I don’t want that. Jene ouha. Although I signed up for the site as a guest, without registration, the second day mm new e-mail. M order to be confirmed. I do not know when I contact the contact e-mail of the company that I am not interested, and they kindly delete it from the database.

The response is instant: directly to me, Vistaprint has screened a promon offer with free shipping for seven days. That’s how we know it. For 198 crowns (still secretly different, even the advertised price of transport with me) I can expect 250 business cards, a stamp and a pen with my own picture.

Jenome ouha. When I look into it, I find out that the price of business cards has changed. She jumped out of 75 crowns and 788 crowns. When you examine it from a working computer, the price is again, dr at 408 korunch. I don’t understand some companies, I also don’t order in the end.

Have you ever caught a similar “suitable” offer?

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