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tyi symptoms how to look through vjik and the rest do not lose

ada lid um pesvdiv lht and pretend that you sit on them for better. Then buy an unsuitable financial product, buy goods or otherwise from them or bloom on an unsuitable employment contract. Recognize le and reveal the truth to learn. He is able to practice observation skills.

Reliable information on whether the water is in the nose. “Please pay attention to the content of the message. Forget seemingly insignificant things like a murder in your face and a pulp. They are most afraid that they will get away with it, and far from me they take it into account their physical expression, ”to psychologist Jack Nasher, author of practical advice on how to look through and reveal the truth.

Recognize the front page of the murder according to the psychologist and so on. “You just have to know how to do it. If you pay attention, you will notice that the emotions that the deceiver is trying to express are not in line with his gestures, ”explains the psychologist.

In short, the hunter lies to me hundreds, but the words are accompanied by grimaces and the bulls who tell the truth. Always wash the different types of emotions in the signs of this disharmony, those who the fraudster wants to reveal and those who dream of a cut.

And how do the signs indicate that someone is telling you the truth?

Asymmetric mimicry murders in his face are a clear warning that he is the kind of person. A typical example is uml smv. Lhi used the art of smv as a universal mask that can destroy their true emotions.

To recognize that this is a machine killer, a basic rule is: always observe the upper half of the area, because it is the least inspected on the front of the killer. Watch carefully to see if the opposing effect is symmetrical. He could and really laughed in the murder of Fr.

Much can be done even when you notice a killer in your opponent. True murders usually appear two, not the words to which they relate. So if someone slams on the table and shouts: “There’s enough mm vn!” and only then will his rage be covered with anger, most likely vs nose pull. When, on the contrary, everything is as it should be, the change of the murder occurs first and only then the message is communicated.

Try it in practice. You sell a slightly reflective question: “Isn’t that car wrecked?” “Isn’t that stinking meat?” Then watch his killer. If the seller takes the inquiry as an urk, he will probably respond hypocritically and refuse any suspicion. Bute bag noticeably in your face a torn killer to drive before dark, it does not begin to believe that the sale of first-class goods? If so, probably the truth. But if you start an avalanche of words and only then put on the killer, it is better to change your mind.

Falen emotions can be identified by the length of the duration of a certain murder, especially when some feelings remain written on your face for a long time. This is especially surprising. At the same time, it is good to know that the real surprise lasts only a small moment.

Therefore, look at how long individual killers last for surprised people. Lhi bvaj actors who sometimes try to give their “work” and over time and because of the foamy intensity of pre-feelings. When you accuse a fraudster of lying, the hurricane usually starts immediately. But since he is not really determined, I will unknowingly bless my input and it will be clear to you that you are on it.

It is good to know that the change in feelings happens much more often than in honest people. If the type of person std during the same mood as on a bcm dog, it is best to stay. Lhi behave so often does not change the situation, laugh without an obvious pin, be afraid to be extreme, or offer help, although they have no reason to do so.

They can also be revealed by gestures that use a completely unconscious shoulder, raised both, hands in pst. will come u lh even quite often.

Prepared according to the book Jak umt peek through and reveal the truth published by Grada.

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