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Untidy idiots cause constant v codes. Last year, it reached almost half a billion

Every vehicle should have a mandatory wheel. But there are many car owners who are not obliged to negotiate ruen. The most expensive codes are caused to health by young people under the influence of alcohol. Kadoron, with no fault, is worth a hundred thousand crowns. In 2008, the share reached 469,684,586 crowns.

According to the Czech office, the insurer has 200-250 thousand unattachable vehicles on our roads. Last year, these cars caused almost 5,000 accidents with a total code of 470 million crowns. Ron’s volume of codes caused by non-mobile cars has increased by 93 million crowns in 5 years.

“Vehicles without compulsory driving on Czech roads are still a big problem. Even with the positive development at the turn of the year, when an unprecedented number of vehicles were removed from the vehicle register, there are many unattainable vehicles, ”said KP CEO Jakub Hradec.

Development of non-connective codes

Year Recorded unconnected codes codes were created in a given year (volume of codes in the Garann ​​fund)
2004 4 920 376 796 078
2005 5 098 427 697 794
2006 4 853 444 113 436
2007 4 712 451 496 268
2008 4 895 469 684 586
Source: KP, stky are in korunch

The biggest accident caused by the driving of a non-mobile vehicle was the injury of two pedestrians in Prague. The total volume cost 15 million crowns. The second most called accident was the so-called disco accident (on the way out of the disco), caused by a young man without an ID card under the influence of alcohol. As a result, the wound was injured and the code reached 10 million crowns. The first case of insecure health code is caused by people under the age of 23. However, most of the code, when it is necessary to pay a long-term annuity (for example, loss due to debt), is to blame for people under 35 years of age.

The biggest thief in the event of accidents is alcohol and does not change speed. Together, these two aspects account for 66% of annuities.

Treasure from practice

Twenty-two-year-old idi codes Due to unreasonable speed, Favorit drove in the opposite direction, where at the right edge of the road, Eln crashed into a cyclist and sweat crashed into a ditch. Injured young cyclists were injured in accidents.
– who caused a code in vi of about 5.5 million crowns
– Due to the call of injured young cyclists and its permanent consequences, it is possible to expect the payment of rent for years.

The sentences of the main claims and their value in korunch

code Total volume From that she was paid Zbv k hrad
code on the vehicle 0 0 0
The rest of the code 0 0 0
Vcn code total 0 0 0
Pain 286 200 286 200 0
Zten spol.uplatnn 996 000 396 000 600 000
Costs of flax 516 182 366 182 150 000
Loss of debt 3 349 001 215 001 3 134 000
Vpomoc a nklady pe 248 014 123 014 125 000
Other claims code for health 87 723 36 723 51 000
total health code 5 483 120 1 423 120 4 060 000
Zdroj: KP

Watch out for cars from the bazaar

If you buy a vehicle in a second-hand car shop, you must have it according to the law. 168/1999 Sb. connect as soon as you start on the road. If you do not insure your “new” vehicle, you are threatened with a fine and 3,000 crowns in case of a strong check, or even imposed sanctions. When you put a car in a commission sale, you must either pay the obligor and you can agree that the used car will become the payer of the obligatory run.

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