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Veejn prce is childhood, i chvlyhodn npad? Nzory se li

They have no employees, they are supported by two, and if they are chosen by the people, they have to start public work. They will clean the village, help in the archive, give cultural events. No salary claim.

“I will not do this. This is slave labor. I am leaving the buckle and my husband will pay for the insurance, ”said a woman who worked in the archives in the form of a public service for a week.

Mayor Petr Halada just shoulders. “It’s a code, it has worked time, systematically,” he complains, adding: “But even such a radical reaction is the new form of public service to evoke the dream of a number of people defending the Social Court.” And then it’s her goal to reduce illegal work and, in some unemployed people, to restore work habits.

Compulsory public work must be undertaken by the unemployed, who are chosen by the representatives. No salary claim. The reward is support in unemployment or for people who are unemployed for a long time, a castle of social and health insurance.

Municipalities and social institutions and hospitals can provide information about such aids. Their only obligation is to provide workers with unemployment and to insure them for liability for codes caused to property or health.

We only want the long-term unemployed

Kamka Mayor Petr Halada has so far applied for a total of tinct positions. “It is the peace of public spaces, working in the archives of the municipal series, according to some long-term activity, so we are looking for a hunter who will organize cultural events,” he said to the first press of the village on the Vltava.

He entered his requirements in a specially prepared sweat system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Immediately, they appeared in the office of a middle-class worker who selected suitable candidates over the course of a few days.

“We agreed with the directors that they will choose for them an unemployed person directly from Kamek or the surrounding area, and that they will be people who have been in the records of a number of jobs for a long time and who are not employed. It is pointless for those who received notice two months ago to go to public work, ”says Petr Halada, who considers the public service to be the first idea.

“Stt helped the unemployed by providing them with social doors, and they will do his job for him. I don’t see a problem with that. But there are a number of people who consider it a return to feudalism. We’ve been worried about this before. Many of them have a public promise of rejection, ”adds Halada.

I know to find a new city

But finding a hunter willing to volunteer is not easy at all. Meanwhile, five candidates were selected for public works in Kamek. One did not calm him down at all, nor did he apologize. On the day of the accession, one gentleman told the administration that he was ill. Aunt slapped two, a quarter to board this week. And so at the moment, only one works for the village.

“I got a job at msc and it ended. I ensure the peace of public spaces every day at three o’clock in the morning so that it lasts the required 20 hours a week. And it’s pretty cool, I don’t mind sweeping for the neighbors. Even many of them took a moment, ”says Karel Majer, originally a bricklayer who has been unemployed for two years.

“I had a business letter and worked on myself, but somehow it didn’t work out. Then I got a job in a company that supplied dly to the automotive industry. Those have been great for years, I was an employee where I got a salary and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Only then did the company go bankrupt and stay on the ground. It’s been two years, “he said.

Each day, he gets a job full of work and with the necessary tools, he goes to the terrace. “I know to work as best I can so that the mayor may notice and possibly offer me a position in technical services. In particular, he will somehow relax there in the near future. I would say a lot about that position, ”says Karel Majer.

According to him, it is very important to find work around Pbrami and Sedlan. He tried many times, but never succeeded. And he doesn’t want to go to Prague. “It simply came to our notice then. Plus, we have a little girl and we’re going to be hungry, ”Majer explains.

Kad dest nezamstnan pjde pracovat

The new form of public service is described in the amendment to the Employment Act, which has been in force since January 2012. A total of 50,000 unemployed people can join the public service this year, which is about every rain. In just the first three months of the year, 16,055 people started these jobs, which is the same number as for the whole year. It was most often about people who have been in the register of work for two and five years. Tch was about 6,300.

Five thousand people were the ones who are “on the buckle” according to not one year or several times repeated in recent years. Over two thousand people are from the category of more than five years without work and 1,600 are among the repeatedly unemployed for at least 365 days in three years.

A total of 2,305 entities applied for assistance to the unemployed, most often cities and municipalities, social institutions, hospitals. “Public services have been offered since the beginning of the year, especially to those who have been without work for a long time or repeatedly. These are those who are not two to support them in unemployment, but people who are perpetually upright on social doors, ”explains the press speech of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Viktoria Plvov.

“If they want to take them and they will be offered a public service, then they have to take it. If they refuse, their social services and unemployment benefits will be taken away from them, for half a year, ”Plvov points out.

Are public works a good idea?

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