Friday May 20, 2022

VIDEO: A foreigner confused the directive and took it by 23 thousand

Twenty thousand crowns were prepared by an unknown fraudster within a few minutes of the directive in Jihlava. The woman confused nonsensical demands for the exchange of euros for the Czech koruna, during the transaction he always shot cash unnoticed in his pocket. He did the same in the Brno and Pelhimov regions.

An unidentified fraudster was captured by cameras on Wednesday, April 6, at a bus stop on Brnnsk Street in Jihlava. His procedure was simple, but he was confused by a number of nonsensical transactions, and he collected his pension in a fixed moment.

He first demanded the exchange of ten hundred euro banknotes for the Czech two thousandth. When his pedal cash came to him, he began to claim that he had changed his mind about the transaction and wanted banknotes worth thousands of crowns.

Police look
Police look

“Then he said that he changed his mind and did not want the Czech me. he paid out cash in euros at face value of fifty euros, which she did, ”said Jihlava police spokeswoman Jana Kroutilov.

During each of the required transactions, he kept an inconspicuous bill of banknotes in his hand. When the woman wasn’t looking, he put his pension in his pocket. After leaving, the directive found that there were a total of 23 thousand errors.

even in the south of Moravia, the police do not exclude gave the region

During the investigation, the police found out that he had committed the same fraud in another five cases in the Brno and Pelhimov regions. “Try to get rid of pensions in other terms and conditions. It is possible that the fraud will be committed to the country’s customs, “she added.

The fraudster speaks English, but according to the speakers, it is likely that he is different. A dark blue Volkswagen Passat drove to the direction in Jihlava with two silver edging around the windows and a steering wheel on the right side.

“We give citizens who could provide any information, including the capture of the perpetrator, to share it on line 158,” Kroutilov said, adding that the police would include any information about the vehicle in which he is moving.

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