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VISA versus MasterCard: kdo je vtz?

How will the payment card be recommended to us by a bank adviser, which association card? In particular, you will get a somewhat inconsistent answer, something in the sense – there is no difference. How do we decide then?

Actual between card associations, resp. payment cards issued under their sign, no difference?

Payment cards in R

As of 31 December 2005, a total of 7,390,357 payment cards were issued in the Czech Republic, namely 2,799,897 MasterCard International cards, 4,207,759 VISA Europe payment cards and only about 5%, ie 382,701 of the total number of association cards. American Express, Diners Club, JBC and dalch. So 2/3 of the total number of payment cards is your Visa Europe card. (source:

Cash withdrawals in the country

The most common and most popular way to use payment cards in the czech republic there is a cash withdrawal from an ATM. So offer the first comparison and that is the number of ATMs, which can withdraw cash by any payment card. A total of 2892 ATMs can be found in the Czech Republic, and only a small percentage do not accept cards from the two largest associations (as of 31 December 2005, source: There is not much difference in the possibility of withdrawing cash from an ATM.

In addition to simply withdrawing cash, ATMs also offer functions, e.g. it is possible to obtain the prepaid service of his mobile operator in the ATM and to pay his invoices, pp. a simple way to pay the elephant. In this respect, the offer of individual banks, not associations.

Cash withdrawals abroad

The choice of payment card can be made, if this is an international measure. We must take into account that the fee for this transaction will be you, not for the collection made in the Czech Republic. Differences can then be found at individual banks and in fees for collection karet kreditnch a debetnch. You can find more here. Fees for the execution of a bank’s transaction abroad do not differ according to associations, ie they are the same for both VISA association cards and MasterCard International association cards. Difference in currencies in which transactions take place (VISA – USD, Mastercard – EUR). This fact should be taken into account, multiple conversions are never suitable for clients.

Embossed payment cards allow, both VISA and MasterCard, cash withdrawals at the banks and exchange offices. These are transactions called cash advances, which are also chargeable, usually by debits, not at the ATM withdrawal itself. A possible alternative was to withdraw cash, but for a businesswoman, it would be the so-called cash back. This method is feasible abroad, in R the bag of the merchant is not offered. So let’s not see the difference here either.

Payments for goods and services

He gave a way to use the card, as the hint of this means of payment suggests, is a castle for goods and services directly in the store or via the Internet.

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Stone shop

The difference is evident at the moment you enter the store. Logos with the characters of the compared payment cards, which are accepted by the merchant (VISA Electron, VISA, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, and Maestro), are usually placed in two or other visible places. Here we can immediately check if we can pay with the first payment card that we hold in our hands.

The difference is in the requirement for authorization of card payment at the so-called PIN kdem. Nap. For Maestro payment cards, entering the PIN is always mandatory for payments, while for comparable VISA Electron payment cards this obligation is still present. In this case, only the signature of the cardholder is required to confirm the payment. The truth is, even if the merchant is not equipped with a PIN pad (ie a device for “learning” the PIN), even with Maestro its back may not be required.

From the point of view of a normal user, a payment card with the obligation to confirm a transaction with a PIN is much more secure, or in the event of its loss, even if there is a much lower risk of misuse (of course, unless the PIN is stolen from the card). This difference is still emerging ipov karty, resp. cards called hybridn (combination of magnetic stripe and ipu), for which the PIN kd to authorize the payment method is required, if the terminal, with which we pay, is equipped with ip technology.

So can you go to your bank and have a payment card with a magnetic stripe exchanged for a card with an ip? The answer is: bad at the bank. Nap. esk spoitelna will start issuing payment cards with ip and in the second half of this year, so the exchange of cards for this reason will not be possible at this time. On the contrary, in Komern banka, as well as in SOB, your will be quite satisfactory.

What pleasantly surprises my credit card holders is the fact that merchants in all countries of the European Union and moreover in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are entitled to increase the final purchase price or the fee paid to the bank for accepting payment cards for Maestro or MasterCard cards. The cardholder must be notified of this by the merchant in advance, as the information will usually be placed near the cash register. Pirka for payment by card may not exceed the costs demonstrably related to the costs of the card acceptance merchant (eg telecommunication fee).
In connection with the meeting of the World Cup in football filed in Germany, we can reassure football fans that, according to the largest banks in the Czech Republic, there were no complaints, especially small inquiries about problems or even inability to pay in German stores with VISA and MasterCard.

I would like to pay for the simplicity of the Internet

Most banks in the Czech Republic offer the option of paying by credit card for goods and providing services via the Internet only for so-called embossed cards. An exception in this regard is e.g. esk spoitelna, which offers its clients the opportunity to pay for goods and services with Visa Electron, Visa, Maestro and MasterCard payment cards. The SOB tact allows an unembossed card to be accessed to the castle via the Internet.

News on the payment card market

Last year, MasterCard International introduced its new product, the MasterCard Unembossed payment card. The novelty can be used in the form of credit and debit and allows your holder to pay for goods and services via the Internet.
VR This product can only be found in the SOB offer in the form of a credit card and thus in the offer of Cetelem under the name Aura MasterCard Unembossed. Even in this case, it is a credit card.


Is it better electronic or embossed card? Vce HERE.

So how do you choose the right payment card? It is not clear whether a VISA or MasterCard International card will suit anyone. In Europe, only cosmetic differences in the usability of cards of different associations can be noted. Outside the European region, it is better to own a VISA card, e.g. in the case of the USA, when this is strongly preferred, even outspoken. When traveling to exotic countries, the differences in acceptance of the two compared lines can be really surprising. Definitely do not make a mistake if you contact a world-renowned friend before traveling and learn about their own experience with paying with a card abroad. Card association websites will help you with information about ATMs accepting your card in each region. Do not doubt even in the case when you equip yourself with a combination of two payment cards on holiday, ie both a VISA card and a MasterCard card.

How to use the association card and how do you have experience with paying abroad? Dark on your nzory.

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