Monday May 23, 2022

Vldn disputes vedou svt ke disasters. Stty was a mly sp trcet, advise OSN

The UN is urging the eurozone and the United States to suffer and raise wages for the city and the disputed Balkans. Politics dispute, according to the organization, leads the world to disasters. The International Monetary Fund also made a similar recommendation a few days ago.

In the light of the debt problems of the euro area and the USA, such a recommendation seems like a bad joke. However, the UN is convinced that the economy will not benefit from the cuts, and on the contrary, it recommends that the governments suffer more. This is the exact opposite of what the country has ruled because of debt.

According to the UN, the debt crisis in the euro area, where it is not possible to devalue the currency of indebted countries, needs to be financed by financial transfers and especially by rising wages in healthy countries, all with Germany. The organization also opts for strict regulation of financial markets, which caused the current crisis, recommends the introduction of a system of exchange rates and to end market-oriented thinking. This follows from the first presentation of the organization at the Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

“Our message is very pragmatic: we must quickly reverse the current course,” said Supchaai Pchanipchak, general secretary of the organization.

“Souasn scn skon permanentn reces”

The efforts of the United States and the euro area to reduce the deficit through disputes are notorious. At the same time, the debt of the United States will probably reach one hundred percent of GDP this year, and the country, due to concerns about its ability to repay it, drank in time for the best rating of its bonds.

The main author of the UNCTDA, Heiner Flassbeck, stated that the current global economic situation is extremely dangerous and without further stimulus will be the best scene for this decade of stagnation. “As rates are at zero every year and governments are not only sticking to deficits at the current level, but to reduce them and reduce public spending, it will end in a permanent recession,” Flassbeck told a news conference.

lines instead of eten recommended by the International Monetary Fund. His act Christine Lagardeov expressed the same concerns in this regard as the UN. So the krim decimate the global economy.

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