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Vmna: what can you do with a damaged banknote?

The daughter was shaking a painted and glued bill. I tried to shake her, but they refused to take her back to the store. Do you need it? How to proceed mm? Will I be exchanged at the bank and exchange it for me at all? (KM, esk Brod)

If, as a natural person, you are also entitled to a damaged pension, you must first accept such pensions. As well as when you doubt their authenticity. I have to throw yin.

First-time persons, for example shops, receive valid Czech pensions even if they are worn out, if they are customs and wholes. So they will miss their day and at the same time make you a coherent and intact whole. In the case mentioned, the daughter did not have to accept the banknote, but when she did so, they did not have to take it back to the store, it was not a banknote worn by the bank, but damaged.

Those banks that carry out treasury operations in the Czech Republic are obliged to replace damaged Czech pensions. Obligation to pay if there are no doubts about the authenticity, validity or denominations of the banknotes, ie if they are not, for example, smeared with paint, glue or if their shape is not otherwise unreadable.

Among them Spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank

How many pensions you will receive in exchange

– Reimbursement in full is only provided if the banknote is intact or intact, or the rest of the banknote is presented in less than a quarter of the original area of ​​the banknote.

– When the rest of the currency is submitted in less than three quarters, but it must be at least half of the banknote, the bank provides compensation in more than half of the face value.

– When the rest of the jet is submitted by less than half, at least one quarter of the banknote, a refund of more than one quarter of its value is provided. In case you have to tear you with a suit into pieces of a thousand crowns, pay off in the collection and collect as many pieces as possible.

Banknotes can also be exchanged ohoel, faded, disintegrated. Dritel can send them to the NB to get enough of the assessed and provided compensation. It is up to you to state how the damage was done. In such cases, the NB may demand reimbursement of the costs incurred in the production of new banknotes and coins for which the reimbursement was provided.

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