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Vno promises interesting profits: get on the VN

Before investing in vna it is good to think and time to increase cl investment. Not every vno is suitable for investment, and therefore we should know in which vn invest. How are you able to invest in vna and how to invest as safely as possible?

Vbr vna to invest

This should not be the case for aromatic varieties. According to it is necessary to invite the producer and the area of ​​origin. At the same time, the value of only those high-volume grows, which come from quality producers and from selected areas.

Over time, it is necessary to consider the upper limit of maturity, from which the quality begins to decline. The first time before this break is the horizon when you have to sell it. You need to remember to store the goods, which entails additional storage costs. It is necessary to keep in mind with the fact that it is an investment for 5 and 15 years and it is necessary to first invest a hundred from about 20,000 K.

The price of wine is mainly influenced by its quality, quality, origin, availability on the market and possibly whether it has received any value. Over time, in addition to the quality, the rarity of the wine also grows.

We do not want to invest, it is of course necessary to have information. Here it is true that if the hunter does not belong to the experts, he should get advice from experts. We should follow references, professional press and forecasts for individual varieties. These are tips that apply to all types of investments, but for everything as well as for the skillfully important.

How to invest in vna?

It is possible to invest in both domestic and external HVs. You have to buy quality wine for archiving directly at the winery, in specialized wine shops, at specialized shops, at auctions, on the stock exchange and with the help of wine futures. Of these options, buying at auctions, where prices tend to be high, is considered the least suitable.

One of the most common and in some countries even the only way to invest in vine is to buy vna before, it is not filled into bottles, resp. go pedtm, not harvested. For this method, the French term “en primeur” or the English term “Wine Futures”, or outdoor futures, was used.

After years, there will come a time when it is good to sell it. This can be done at auctions or at specialist retailers. Abroad, among the most well-known dealers are Farr Vintners, who sell twice what Christie’s and Sotheby’s put together, where 75% of their sales are in Bordeaux.

Vno futures trading system
Every year after the harvest from the vineyards in Bordeaux, a sample barrel is produced from last year. This sample is tasted and judged by experts from the International Merchant Association in Bordeaux. These experts are otherwise “ngociants”. Then buy from the wine and sell futures for the wine according to it.

The system works in such a way that these “ngociants” are more and more obliged to buy what is produced in the Bordeaux region. If not, e.g. due to the fact that that year is important for production, you risk losing the first and negotiating position for the next year, which could be a good year.

And when do we get vno purchased with the help of vno futures? Usually two years after the purchase of these futures, ie. those years after the harvest.


The optimum conditions for storage are temperatures ranging from 10 to 12 ° C, humidity from 80 to 90% and daylight. The bottles are stored in a horizontal position so that the cork does not dry out and should not be handled.

Appreciated when selling vna
Valued in the sale of vna ranges from 10 to 15% pa, with a good purchase even 30% per year. There are also cases valued at a few thousand percent.

Nap. Chteau Le Pin achieved a value of 7,500%, this price cost $ 1 in 1982 and was sold at auction in 2007 in Chicago for $ 47,800. However, such an output was achieved only a few outs (apart from Chteau Le Pin, it is Chteau Petrus, Chteau Lafleur, Chteau Cheval-Blanc, Chteau Lafite).

According to the professional magazine Decanter, in the years 1978–2000, the gross return (input without sweaty inflation) of the Bordeaux index was 12%.

Problems with selling vna

The main and biggest problem of investing in high pressure is low liquidity, which is known to increase investment risk. For this reason, it is good to secure customers in advance and thus avoid a situation where we will not have buyers before recognizing them.

Kupcem me bt nap. owner of a luxury restaurant and hotel. Many such gastronomic establishments look for certain ronky, which is a good baldness for the sale of mature wine. It is not strategic to place hope in only one customer, but when fully investing, experts advise to create with a customer.

Organized market with vnem

An example of an organized market with perception is the London Stock Exchange LIV-EX (The London International Vintners Exchange), which was established in 1999 and is currently being built on the European scale, or high-quality types of wine are traded on it.

The trade takes place on a futures store. When it is available, the items are sold in the original packaging. It is traded in lots with a lot volume of 12 x 75 cl. Delivery will take place within 14 days of the agreement and payment within 14 days after the expiration of the month when the income document was issued.

The LIV-EX 100 stock exchange index includes 100 quality wine titles, which are divided according to varieties and ronk. The index is calculated on the basis of the average monthly prices of traded titles, the weights are determined according to the price, volume of production and rarity of the given title.

Investovn do vna v esku
It can be bought quite cheaply and then sold expensively for five years or more. For domestic brands, the investment is valued at about 10-15%. Quality wine can not be bought in a supermarket, but directly at a winery or in specialized wine shops, and buying at a wine shop is understandably cheaper.

For arrests, those interested in investing should buy at least 10-15 cartons, which is an investment of about 20,000 K. The wine should come from proven vineyards, it should contain enough soil and it should not be an aromatic variety that is unsuitable for part of the warehouse. . These are basic factors, but there are many more who are weighed by you.

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