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vrovm fintm odzvon, zan se u pjovat ponovu

Although the new end of consumer salaries and salaries from the beginning of the year, in the Czech Republic, pensions can be paid according to the new rules. Potovn spoitelna and SOB are new. In advance, Cetelem and Raiffeisenbank also subject them to certain conditions.

According to the new rules, the savings bank launched the rental pension first, starting in June. Whoever goes to the bank to ask for a loan, will pay a big change. The bank will provide it with information that the applicants could and have only been aware of.

First, you will receive a so-called pre-contractual information, which you will first have under the amendment on consumer bills. From them, find out carefully for how much and under what conditions the pension bank will pay you.

vrov nabdky is easy to compare

The bank can clearly tell you how kind of heat you can get, how long you will meet, how much money you pay, how ron the percentage of the cost and how is the year. I must inform you in advance of any fees you pay for the return. Be the first to know how to fine if you are late with the installment.

“First, such information is not provided by the provider, or clients are confused. This then leads to the fact that people often take the wrong place, but what they find out and in the first installment, ”k Libor Svoboda, manager of the product Potovn spoitelny (more about the opaque practices of loose shots here).

The new bank must also inform you what the total amount will be drilled with all fees charged. You will get an unambiguous and give the key, with which you can easily compare how much the offer of another bank and the company is cheaper or expensive.

Details of the bank explained in the offer of the letter

If you would like to receive, for example, 20 thousand crowns with a maturity of one year in Potovná spoitelná, the key for your decision will be that you have to return a total of 22,802 crowns to the bank. When you choose your third maturity, you would pay 27,617 crowns for a 20-thousand loan from Potovn spoiteln. For the year in the amount of 50 thousand crowns with a maturity, the bank now demands a total of 65,765 crowns.

How the information will be provided by Potovn spoitelna to the applicant in the amount of 20 or 50 thousand crowns with a maturity of three years
And vru v K 20 tisc 50 tisc
Poet spltek 36 36
In spltky in K 693 1 721
The total amount you pay in K 27 617 65 765
Required security bez zajitn bez zajitn
Ron years rate 14,9 % 14,9 %
Ron Percentage Rate of Deposit (APRC) 25,22 % 21,31 %
Pojitn k vru component component
Related costs (fees) in K:
Stimulated and evaluated a lot free of charge free of charge
For provided vru 300 500
For the first time (msn) 50 50
Insurance incapacity to meet (msn) 17 42
For the payment of a foreign bank, the term with the extended reposazby NB is about seven percentage points.
It is required to be kept here year year
First withdraw from the contract year year
Pedasn paid free of charge free of charge
Source: Potovn spoitelna, a sample of the most important pre-contractual information

You will receive the pre-contractual information printed on paper and all data must be displayed in the same way. Newly, you must not use tricks of small written letters, which you do not have to notice under this condition. You will also receive a document with an explanation of the term, which is related to the issue.

“We will explain the clear offer to the applicant in detail. Then he will take the documents home so that he can study them in peace, consult with his family and visit again in time, ”remarked Irena Michalkov, head of the pottery branch of Potovn spoitelna in Splen Street in Prague. As he added, if the bank approved the loan from the applicant, the bank explained all the details to the client to go once before concluding the actual contract.

The bank knocks the applicant very hard

The new bank does not thoroughly check yet whether the client is able to meet the loan without sweat. “We see how much I think, whether I don’t pay it elsewhere. Let’s take into account the living costs of the applicant, whether it is a client who knows for a long time, whether the applicant has an employment contract for a definite or indefinite period, whether he or she is married, own, or rented, and go to other facts, ”Irena Michalkov explains.

At the same time, the savings bank has developed an internet calculator for reasonable reasoning, on which I can see how risky it is in its situation to borrow. “Over the last year, more than eight thousand people have used this calculator. For a quarter of families, the calculator helped reveal my debt problems, ”explains Potovn spoitelny’s ombudsman Martin Kov.

Zruit’s faith contract always costs something

He gave the novelty that you have to withdraw from the contract within three days of the conclusion. However, you must take into account that Potovn spoitelna does not charge a one-time fee, which it collected from you when signing the loan agreement for the provision of the loan. If you mature within 14 days, for example, in the amount of 50 thousand crowns, you will lose five hundred, for a loan in the amount of 20 thousand crowns in Potovka will not return three hundred.

If you withdraw from the contract, the bank may deduct years for the days during which you had it in your account. Therefore, it is good to know in advance whether you really need to cancel it only if a situation does not arise, such as the loss of the family manager or suddenly.

Even the early repayment of the loan does not have to be completely free according to the new rules. high fees, as already provided by some loan providers, but the amendment drastically drains it.

According to the new rules, it is not possible to pay one percent of the early repayment of the loan, if the remaining maturity of the balance is more than a year, or full percentage, if the original maturity is less than six months. The savings bank, as well as two, allows you to repay the loan early.

The rules for me gave me a company

The new rules for the provision of consumer loans will have to be applied to all levels of the company from January 2011. In addition to Potovn spořitelny, some conditions in advance will also apply to SOB, Raiffeisenbank or Cetelem.

“The client will now find out in the contract the total amount that he has to pay, he has the opportunity to terminate the contract and withdraw from n to 14 days after signing it without giving a reason. We do more with the applicant, in several registers, ”to Martin Mal, speaking to Cetel. “We have introduced the main changes since July, among other things, we do not charge a fee for the early repayment of the heat,” notes Tom Kofro, a spokesman for Raiffeisenbank.

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