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Vydlvejte si runcenm. Pehled bonus on credit cards

Ordinary credit cards, with which you can only spend on debt, are not different. Banks are starting to appear in the offer of those that promise to give clients. The cards are then different according to the route. Bonuses take the form not only of cheaper purchases or refunded pensions, but also a contribution to insurance.

First of all, you wonder if the benefit you get by getting a credit card and using it a lot will be so suitable for everything that there may be disputes.

Getting a credit card and the first year of its use is usually free. Ovem for given years u have to pay msn i ron fee. It moves in the breath of hundred crowns. If you really spend a bag with a credit card and you pay thousands of crowns, you will have a free card for years to come.

The advantage of credit cards is the so-called bezron period, which lasts at least 40 days. If the client pays the debt in this period, he does not sweat for one year. If you can’t pay for a long stunt, get ready for a year, reaching a percentage.

With a credit card, pay for retirement or insurance payments

When the crown is spent with the help of a credit card, it also has an effect on your contribution to the supplementary pension and payment for life or non-life insurance. The more you spend, the more you will contribute or pay.

In addition, the contribution to the pension supplementary assistance with the purchase of a credit card can go one plus. Not only do you increase your stay in the pension fund, but you will also receive the support for the bonus from such payments. The condition of the bag is that in your own regular contribution to the amount of the pension supplement is less than 500 crowns. Stt provides support for curves from 100 to 500 crowns in vi from 50 to 150 crowns. Therefore, if you save 500 crowns and more, you will receive a maximum support of 150 crowns. Then the bonus from the payment by card does not affect the support.

Today, the possibility of contributing to the supplementary pension and payment for connected clients of five financial companies that cooperate with the relevant pension funds or insurance companies.

The Home Credit client and at the same time the client of the Czech Insurance Company have the choice of how to deal with wiped premium crowns with the Premia P card, which they will receive for non-cash transactions. It is a link to pay for any insurance with the Czech insurance company, or to increase the pension connection with the Pension Fund P.

Bonuses from credit cards for contributions to pension insurance and to payments for insurance
Credit card
Partner Bonus Bezron period in days / year per msc Ron fee (in K)
esk spoitelna
Cunning card
Pf esk spoitelny for 1 000 korun 10 korun na penz. pip. 40 – 55 /
1,59 %
228 – 1 068*
GE Money Bank
ING card
ING PF 1% of each non-cash pension transaction. pip. 50 / 1,98 % 299**
UniCredit Bank
Visa AXA
AXA Group 1% – 11% *** from nkup to pension. pip., or life, and non-life insurance 45 / 1,95 % 30 ****
UniCredit Bank
Visa Generali
General Pojiovna 1 % z kadho nkupu 1x ron na investin P 45 / 1,95 % 30 ****
Map of UNIQA
Pojiovna UNIQA 0.8% of each cashless payment – for investment P 45 / 2,07 % 35 ****
Home Credit
Bonus card P
esk pojiovna 1% – 11% *** of the purchase – payment for any insurance with P or pensions. pip. in PFP 51 / 2,19 % 49 *****
Note: * according to selected card services; ** free of charge, if the turnover is at least 36 thousand crowns; *** bad for the partner with whom the purchase will take place; **** monthly fee, if the total non-cash turnover in the previous month is less than three thousand crowns; ***** msn, if for the previous 12 msc turnover less than 36 thousand crowns
Source: financial companies

Pspvek na investin ivotn pojitn u pojiovny UNIQA zsk dritel kreditn karty Raiffeisenbak.

UniCredit Bank cooperates with the AXA Group. The holder of his Visa AXA credit card can receive a contribution to a pension supplement or pay for insurance products with AXA Group companies. Clients of UniCredit Bank with a closed-end investment insurance policy with Pojiovna Generali can receive extraordinary insurance premiums from the Visa Generali card.

Pensions are back

An interesting offer for credit card holders is that they get a fortune on the money they have spent on credit cards. Citibank, for example, offers this option with the St. Citi Shopping Card. Clients can get back and thousands of crowns each month.

The Cetelem client can get back 150 crowns per month for credit card payments, ie 1,800 crowns.

GE Money Bank has a bene + credit card in the offer table. Through its purchase, its owner can get me back 10% of the value of the purchase. Until the end of the burrow, the bank’s offer includes the so-called Olympic package, its bite is, in addition to a savings bank and a Genius Active or Gold account, also a bene + credit card. If the client spends at least CZK 500 during the five months from the start of the card, he / she will receive a CZK 500 bonus back.

One and ten percent of the value of the purchase will be returned by the holder of the Home Credit credit card premium.

Bonusov utrcen

Very often used bonuses are discounts in partner stores of credit card providers. For example, the Sphere discount program, which offers a 5% – 30% discount for more than 7,000 merchants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has the Smart Card holder from esk spoitelny or Raiffeisenbank credit cards available.

Clients of UniCredit Bank and the holders of their Visa Renome or Visa Schlecker credit cards can use these cards to use loyalty programs, for example in Baa, Reserved, Schlecker stores, etc., when they buy points for each purchase, which they can exchange for discount vouchers.

Potovn spoitelna saw with an interesting offer. The holders of their payment and credit cards can use the Pharmaland Credit Card, where the cardholder will automatically receive a discount of three percent of the total value of the purchase for all purchases in all Pharmaland merchandise.

The points are also collected by the client of Komern banka and T-Mobile, as well as the holder of the T-Mobile Bonus card, which can be exchanged for benefits and products from the T-Mobile Bonus catalog.

You pay with a credit card, you will be charged

SOB clients, in turn, can extend the maturity period by 12 msc for goods paid by credit card. At the same time, such paid goods are covered by a 90-day insurance purchase against theft, damage or destruction.

From last December, the holder of Cetelem credit cards can also extend the maturity for a year. The condition is that they buy white or black equipment at prices ranging from two to twenty thousand and register with the Cardif Pro Vita insurance company within 30 days of purchase.

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