Friday May 20, 2022

Vyplat se makl?

You want to arrange a mortgage, get the best conditions, but you don’t have to go around the bank and get all the details. V as i penze uet hypoten makl.

A good broker should submit an offer to several banks and propose the best option, plus pay for most of the administration, completely free of charge – he will receive a commission from the bank.

It is a good thing that many people have “heard” about. “It may be your rate, which the financial stocks call” from “, ie the lower limit of the dog,” to Milan Roek from Hyposervis.

Another company, which does not want to be named for competitive reasons, adds: “We are able to offer clients a discount and 0.3 percent compared to the standard offer of individual banks.”

What the banks offered, what they broke

If brokers are really cheaper, not when you arrange a mortgage on your own, we checked on the model case. We have submitted both the banks and some brokerage companies about the mortgage offer and the conditions of its sale.

The results were surprising. Banks did not offer each other in exchange for a thousand crowns and brokers. “When the bank has a special discount offer, it will not offer a rate even for brokers. Makl a bag about those events in what is good for the client, ”explains Lubo Pnek from the Broker Trust.

Makli bag out of the sign that they would be able to get a discount here as well. But just in case it would be a really high mortgage, you are over 5 million. AWD and Sophia Finance recommended a client mortgage of Komern banka, Hyposervis preferred eská spoitelna. “The condition of Komern banka’s offer is, among other things, that the client will have life insurance for the entire range of risks. This will increase the payment in the model example by about 350 and 400 crowns, bad for the faith and the age of the client, ”explains Milan Roek.

The total mortgage payment would thus be comparable to other conditions. This, too, is a good thing for the sake of mind – usually in all contexts not a representative of one bank.

Click on the advisor first

The bag is not light, check if it is really good quality. It should work with as many institutions as possible to provide housing. Then you can be sure that you have a real overview of the offers on the whole market. Ask if it is safe in case your bank rejects the mortgage and you run the risk that you will have to pay fines for not fulfilling the concluded contracts. For example, choose from the Association of Mortgage Macros Association only.

Pay attention to how he responds to the counselor. Did he reply to your email? Allow him without problems? And find out how much service he is willing to provide. Vypot vai bonitu? Will he negotiate better conditions for vs at the bank, take an entry from the cadastre, arrange a property appraisal and accompany him to the signing of the contract?

How much to pay for a mortgage

Single, 32 years old, about a mortgage, other bonds (except 500 crowns per pension supplement), the income is 33,000 crowns,

  • up to 900,000 crowns,
  • for the purchase of an apartment, its estimated price in 1.5 million crowns,
  • splcet would like 10 years, fix for 5 years.
How much to pay for a mortgage at the bank
Bank year in% Spltka One-time fee Total
esk spoitelna 5,16 9 862 0 1 183 440
UNDER, Potovn spoitelna 5,39 9 869 8 000 1 184 280
GE Money Bank 5,45 9 895 8 000 1 187 400
Mortgage bank 5,39 9 869 8 000 1 184 280
Komern bank 4,99 9 691 6 400 1 162 920
LBBW Bank 5,12 9 782 12 000 1 173 840
mBank 6,30 10 128 0 1 215 360
Raiffeisenbank 6,94 10 572 2 000 1 268 640
UniCreditbank 5,05 9 718 11 000 1 166 160
Volksbank 5,14 9 789 6 750 1 174 680
wstenrot 5,14 9 758 3 500 1 170 960
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