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VZP does not write over weight on the shackle against the key or on the snow

Nine health binders contribute to the vaccination against both key encephalitis and human papillomavirus. If you are struggling with overweight, expect financial help from six people. If you are going to grow a smoke, three of them will provide a contribution. The only VZP in m from selected pspvk ned dn.

It has become the rule that health insurance companies provide their clients with two or more extra health in addition to the castle. They provide contributions, for example, to various shelters, contribute to smoking cessation and dream overweight, and preventive oncological examinations.

There is a lot of areas where the client meets a small amount even for the family budget with a significant amount from the health insurance company. According to a question that comes to the editorial office, the iDNES.cz will interest you most of them: smoking cessation, dream overweight and shackles. The effects of vaccination against key encephalitis and human papillomavirus causing long-term cancer in women.

The mentioned contributions are first paid, but the health insurance company has from time to time offered his offer to me. Therefore, we recommend that you follow their website pages.

Only three health insurance companies contribute to people who want to get rid of their addiction to nicotine, to people who fight with overweight and those who get scaled against key encephalitis or human papilovamir. These are Oborov zdravotn pojiovna, Vojensk zdravotn pojiovna, Zdravotn pojiovna of the Ministry of the Interior R and the Employee Insurance Code.

Clients of the General Health Insurance Company who would like to receive a contribution in various areas have an agreement. The insurance company does not write to them today. “During the first months, the insurance company used 300 million crowns for the prevention program. What the contributions will look like in the second half of the year will be clear after one first meeting of the VZP in August, ”explained VZP’s speech Ji Rod. “In May this year, VZP launched a pilot prevention program to detect the disease of pregnant women,” he said, noting that the insurance company is contributing in another area.

Only these connecting pukj kukm

Clients of ZP MV R and VoZP undergoing withdrawal can earn a thousand crowns for smoking preparations. The condition is that these products are prescribed to them by a doctor from a counseling center.

Clients of PWD can pay a contribution of 500 crowns. ZP koda will provide from its program “motivation of those connected to regular preventive inspections” a contribution to the castle a preparation for smoking cessation in the amount of 300 and 1,500 crowns. Depending on whether the client is and is not a free blood worker.

In other contexts, the people have to sell themselves without financial help.

Most of the ZP of the Ministry of the Interior contributes to the fight against kilograms

People struggling actively with overweight are a little better off than those who try to grow smoking. Finann contributes to them health care providers.

Clients of ZP MV R can travel with the highest thousand-crown contribution. The applicant must meet the other conditions, be insured from January 1, 2008 and have a BMI value of 35 or higher.

For overweight people, clients of ZP koda, the insurance company contributes the same as kukm, namely 300 and 1,500 crowns. At ZP Metal-Alliance, policyholders can use the STOB (Stop Obesity) program from the age of six. Maximum per contribution for 600 crowns. In addition, if they get into a special project aimed at preventing obesity through a gang of people, they can receive a contribution of 50% of the price paid, a maximum of 15,000 crowns.

OZP will provide its insurance companies with 500 crowns for reconditioning exchange rates for dream overweight. People with overweight can receive 300 and 1,000 crowns from VoZP from their above-standard programs Contribution to swimming, Contribution to skull exercise and body regeneration and Contribution to protection against infections and regeneration of the organism.

The Czech National Health Insurance Company also contributes to activities related to dream overweight within the framework of the universal prevention program “Bonus Plus”. Depending on how actively they take care of their health (prevention, sheltering), clients are assigned points and they can then exchange them for pensions.

Clients, but only at the age of 7 and 18, who will take part in the fight against their overweight within the STOB program, will also be provided with Revrn fraternská pokladna.

In the current contributions of health insurance
(v korunch)

Enrichment against key encephalitis Shackle against human papillomavirus
NZP body z “Bonus Plus” do 18 let a 3 000
dospl “Bonus Plus”
vichni 13-18 years
a 3 000*
Hutnick ZP vichni 300 vichni do 17 let a 1 000
(pomegranate at 2 × 1,000)
ZP Mdia vichni 560 dvky 10-16, boys 13-15 years
3 400
ZP M-A according to age 500-600 dvky 12-17 years
a 4 000
OZP a 500 a 500 do 20 let a 1 500
from 20 years 500
vichni do 20 let 1 500
all from 20 years 500
RBP vk 12-17
a 300
vichni 300 dvky 12-26 years
1 000
VoZP a 1 000 300-1 000 dti 2-18 let 1/3 nklad dvky 13-19 years
2 500
ZP MV R a 1000 a 1 000 vichni 500, dti i od rodi
(a 1 000)
dvky 14-18, boys 13-15 years
a 3 000
ZP koda 300-1 500 300-1 500 vichni 400 na kadou
vichni 12-18 let a 5 000
Source: health insurance companies
Note: 10,000 crowns for the first 2,000 pupils

The key effects of encephalitis in adults are also due to adults

In addition to VZP, all health insurance companies contribute financially to the “key”. The only VoZP bag only for children from 2 to 18 years. The other eight health-related minds also matured.

Contributions connected range from 300 to 3,000 crowns. In the case of a single ZP code, insured persons may pay for the cost of each vaccine door, including the cash register.

You can also influence vk. For example, in the case of PWD in m up to 20 years pispj and 1,500 crowns. If you are 20 years old, you will get a thousand mn.

In an interesting way, children can also bear the costs of shackles at ZP MV R. Their contribution will be doubled if the policyholders and their births and their contribution to shackles are in favor of the child.

The boys on the anti-papillomavirus shackle are connected

Recently, there has been a popular vaccine against human papillomavirus, which has been diagnosed with long-term cancer. But it is a big deal in the budget. The cost of all the two is around eleven thousand.

In addition to VZP, the health insurance company contributes in some cases to its clients who undergo this shelter, which will cover the costs of one shelter.

It is also a commendable fact that boys can also contribute to the absolute connection. Only those insurance companies – VoZP, ZP Metal-Alliance and Revrn fraternal treasury think only of two.

When a insurance company provides a contribution, it limits the age of its young insured person. As a rule, the maximum limit is 18 years, in some cases 17, resp. 19 years. Nejdle, but only enm, under 26 pispv Revrn bratrsk pojiovna.

NZP saw with an interesting offer. “Only for the year 2009, we prepared a bonus contribution and 10,000 crowns for our clients for the first 2,000 people with a completed vaccination,” Pavel Kopeck, NZP’s marketing director of presentation, introduced the event this year.

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