Wednesday May 25, 2022

Want advice on how to make a komoditch? The expert answered online

Investments in commodities are gaining in importance after several shocks in the stock markets. Jakub Mal, editor of X-Trade Brokers, answered online how to evaluate disputes in commodities, indices and currency transitions.

Jakub Mal answered your questions, which were either directly for investment, or the first opening of the X-Trade Brokers Cup investor competition.

In addition to the stock market, can other investment markets (commodities, currencies) be interesting for a small investor? Are commodity and currency markets more than stocks? Where is the biggest risk at all during the investment? And where, on the other hand, should you spend the most? Is there a difference between an investment woman and him? He answered these and similar questions HERE.

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Jakub Mal (* 1981) as a director of X-Trade Brokers R. He graduated in Business Administration from Empire State College New York. He started his career at Eurotel, where he held the position of marketing and product specialist. From 2004 to 2007, he worked at Atlantik Finann Markets as a project manager.

Rd va, plays golf, squash, between his puts pat travel and potpn.

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