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Watch out for timeshare. So that a suitable offer does not become a dismissal of the pension

During the holidays, travel agencies are dreaming and offering on all sides. Not always they are bag frov. You should note in particular if you come across a seemingly suitable offer of a so-called timeshare or prepaid hostel.

Timeshare is not new, similar offers in the Czech Republic appeared at the pedlet. Even then, the bag was not particularly suitable. Now the companies confirmed and came up with new tricks. For example, you can try a timeshare in the form of a test holiday.

Mr. Paul’s Pbh went through a small survey. During a walk in Brno, she was approached by a travel agency worker, asked where, with km and how often she travels. If the question is answered, I will win valuable prizes. Mr. Pavel did not take it fully. However, he answered the questions and pedaled his phone number. A month later, a phone call from the tour desk: “Congratulations, you were drawn, you won!”

Satisfied with zkouku, pr vhodn nabdka

He was supposed to go to the travel agency’s office for the game, but as it turned out, the event was presented. And what did they promise him? The travel agency offers timesharing, which is basically a rental accommodation facility. In other words, if you pay five hundred thousand, you have the opportunity to specify a specific apartment in the Canary Islands and a house in France every year.

Well, who wouldn’t want that. Just a million million initial investment is quite enough. The traveler therefore comes with a suitable offer, the so-called holiday for a test. Offer the opportunity to try this method of vacation for one year. Mr. Pavel was gifted, just taking a vacation, and it seemed that he could save thanks to this possibility. And so he signed a contract, paid 21 thousand crowns and went to lto and on vacation.

When he became interested in a specific stay, it was over. In the summer months there was no mono apartment. But that was far from all. “In addition, we had to pay a reservation fee, a handling fee, airline tickets and a meal ticket,” said the disappointed customer.

Tickets and canteens should be arranged, which is not the case for travel. As a result, the holiday would take almost a nearly three weeks without a travel agency. “I think it’s a scam,” concluded Mr. Pavel.

Timesharing nen zjezd

“You have to realize that timesharing is not a product of a travel agency, it is a lot more about real estate activity, not about the congress,” explains Jan Pape, a travel agency association.

Only hostels have agreed on a timeshare contract. So you have to know whether such a contract will pay off. “The advantage of a trip purchased from a travel agency is that the travel agency provides a comprehensive service, ie transport, transfers, hostels, canteens, delegate services, insurance and the like,” Pape said.

“According to our experience, timeshare is often a very inappropriate and extremely expensive investment,” confirms Ondej Tichota from the European Consumer Center (ESC). In timeshares, it is necessary to pay relatively high maintenance fees. “It is also very difficult to terminate such a contract, because this possibility is not regulated by the contract at all,” warns Tichota.

The experience of European consumer experts first from the ESC is based on the real case of consumers who signed a timeshare contract for a holiday abroad with the company there and after several years tried in vain to withdraw from it, even to resell it.

Like you, Mr. Karel, who bought a timeshare in Spain. And in the end, he visited the apartment only a ticker in ten years. According to the contract, he had to pay maintenance fees, which Kadoron significantly increased. Even the dog made no effort to withdraw from the contract and end the union. He tried to resell it, but according to him, the brokerage company only withdrew another 1,250 euros from it.

  • Before signing the contract, ask yourself if it is really suitable for you and do not hesitate to consult an expert.
  • The Timesher’s contract must be in writing. As a consumer, you must first live in the language of the EU or EEA (European Economic Area) country in which you live or have become a member of it. So in our case it must be in etin.
  • As a consumer, you first have to provide the provider with information about the contract well in advance of the conclusion of the contract.
  • You may withdraw from the timeshare contract first without giving a reason within thirteen days of its conclusion.
  • If the provider has not submitted the completed form for withdrawal from the contract, the withdrawal period is one year and thirteen days from the date on which the contract was concluded.
  • If the provider did not provide the necessary information before concluding the contract, the time limit for withdrawal from the contract is three months and thirteen days from the day when the contract was concluded.
  • Before the expiration of the period for withdrawal from the contract, the provider may not charge any fees or deposits.
  • If you have only paid the furnace to the trader for a deposit and you have withdrawn from the contract at the end, the provider is obliged to return the deposit to you.
  • If you have a problem with a timeshare contract and the provider is a company from other EU countries, Norway or Iceland, we can get the help of the European Consumer Center, which operates during the Czech Trade Inspection.
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