Wednesday May 25, 2022

Watch your debts, just apply for an entry from the debt register

You can get into debt, you won’t even get over it. To avoid a situation where an executor knocks on your door because of a volume you have forgotten, it is a good idea to look at it from time to time. The easiest way is to enter an entry from the dlunk register.

You will know in which long-term register you are wrong, especially in which company (banking and non-banking) you participated in and whether it will meet, or you are behind with installments.

Get an overview of your volumes

If you are a long-term bank, submit the Bank Register of Client Information for entry. If you are a debt of a non-banking company, your volumes are registered in the Non-Banking Register of Client Information. And beware, the evening they put in them will go to those three years of sweat that you paid for your bundles.

Add to these registers at the moment when you start. Even if you don’t get vr in the end, the information in the registry will remain est msc.

As soon as there is a long overdue period in vr, you will stop paying invoices for telephone or other services, it will appear in the SOLUS register (Sdruen for the protection of leasing and vru by consumers). I also write an entry about your volume. Your data records driving you years after the castle of debt.

For a hundred or two? Bad for typing speed

If you need to obtain information from the Banking and Non-Banking Register, go to the client center of both registers, which you will find at Vtzn plni in Prague 4. You can enter the entry in writing. Download enough formulas from the website (see the Banking Register and the Non-Banking Register), fill them in, have your signature checked and nothing on their business.

You can pick up the record of your bundles and payment documents in person, or they will be sent to you in your own hands.

If you rush on the entry, you can get it almost immediately. When picked up in person, I will make it to the box office, then you will receive it within a few days, badly at the delivery dates of the sweat. For an express copy, please pay twice as much as for the standard processing within 30 days (see Table).

Fees for entering information from the Banking and Non-Banking Register of Client Information (in K)
Zpsob zskn enrollment Standard (made within 30 days) Express
Picked up in person at the Client Center 100 200 (1)
Enrollment screen sweat on the good 100 + tuition fee 200 + tuition fee
Source:,; Note: (1) 100 crowns fee for entry + 100 crowns fee for express

Esemeskou entry in a minute

If you want to get information about your volume from the SOLUS negative register, you can choose from two options. Either ask for help and fill in a lot with one initial signature in writing and in the end within 30 days you will also receive it in writing for 136 crowns for good. Or you can get it from SMS this year.

If the text message suits you, you must first enter the unique personal number SIN (Solus Identification Number) to generate it. This will show the text in the first text, when you require an entry from the database.

You can submit enough of the SIN to be sent electronically, even in paper form, always with your first signature. SIN will always sweat into their own hands for good. If you submit enough on the electronic form, half of it will sweat well for two working days. Pay 84 crowns. If you ask a lot about SIN via papers, Solus will pay you SIN within 30 days at the latest. Opt for good for 72 crowns.

Once you have the SIN in hand, you can finally submit an information entry. Pay for ordering SMS according to the tariff of your operator. An incoming SMS containing an entry will take you to the minute and pay 99 crowns for it.

The SIN that SOLUS added to you will be compared to the mobile phone number, from which you will be sent a data message. This means that you will be able to apply for an entry only from the sla, which is comparable to you SIN. In the future, you will be able to replace your saved phone with another phone number, but you will need to give your consent.

Fees for entering information from SOLUS (in K)
Entry in pepper form, screen on dobrku 136
Enough electronically about SIN, dream of good 84
Paprov dost o SIN, zasln na dobrku 72
enough for entry – order SMS SMS price according to the oprtora tariff
Pchoz SMS s vpisem 99
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