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We are free, formed with samples. In the end, they cost more than six hundred

It is quite possible to find a number of advertisements in the mailbox, offer and a sample product for free. But what’s more is that we have to pay for those free samples as a result.

David Meister received by e-mail several offers for the detn detox plastic of the British company Detox Pharma. Applying this patch to the foot will cleanse the body, support weight loss, and even relieve stress. Mr. Meister did not see the incarnate, so he did not respond to the offers at all.

However, he cut the package with two free samples. He threw you straight into the koe. Then Piel gave a package, this time with ten plasters and a reminder from the receivables of the company Intrum Justitia for 343 crowns. There, Mr. Meister called immediately. “I told them I didn’t know if I should pay for a shipment when I didn’t order anything,” says Mr. Meister.

Seller: Mr. Meister ordered free samples

The receivables company Intrum Justitia did not answer the editorial inquiry, but the procurator of the company Vipshop Frantiek vejda came up with the problem, who said: Mr. Meister placed the order on July 24, 2012 at 6:02 am from his potae. ” Mr. Meister, however, says that the house samples for the first two days, not his order.

Any and free sample order is somewhat unusual. On the company’s website, you can order quickly YEAR, I wantfree of charge test test sample 2 pcs detoxikanch nplast. The form is simple, just fill in the name, address and click “Order”.

By the way, not even a free sample is actually free at all. The company costs 35 crowns for packaging and packaging. In addition, if you do not announce within five days of receiving this sample that you do not want the shipment, you will automatically receive a set of ten pieces of plastic, this time for 298 crowns. Although this price is of course, ie according to the information of the seller, advantageous.

After an editorial inquiry, the company finally canceled all receivables from Mr. Meister. So it seemed that pbh would have a happy ending. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In the meantime, this is a letter from Intrum Justitia. The debt for the plastic was 643 crowns. “I’d rather pay that stunt to have a horse from the company,” Meister explained.

You do not pay for unordered goods

“If Mr. Meister really didn’t make the day, he shouldn’t have paid anything at all and he didn’t even have to react to the reminder,” said lawyer Pavel Nastis. “At most he could answer that he didn’t order the day, that he won’t pay anything, and the company doesn’t bother her anymore,” he added.

If this practice is with some suppliers, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Miloslav Flglov also confirms. “The seller could have violated the Consumer Protection Act, not to mention unfair commercial practices,” he explains. Whether the seller has actually violated the law, the Czech Trade Inspectorate may investigate the consumer’s specific complaint.

“Some dishonest companies take advantage of fear and, by putting pressure on consumers, they take out a claim that does not even exist,” warns the first advisor of the Obansky Association of Consumers dTest Milo Borovika.

If you have certainly not ordered anything and have not yet expressed any interest in the goods, you do not have to return the delivered goods, pay for them or notify the supplier in any way. This follows from section 53 (9) of the Civil Code.

If the supplier nevertheless demands financial performance from everyone or wins with a collection company, issue a copy of the order, on the basis of which the payment is exchanged. In the event that an action is issued and an order for payment is issued, it is necessary to file a counterclaim against the payment order and to consult the procedure with the element.

You can download the sample letter “Rejection of not ordered goods” on the dTest website. If you have any questions about similar business practices, you can contact the helpline at the telephone line 299 149 009.


  • It is possible to withdraw from the contract in writing within thirty days of receiving the goods from each contract by means of long-term communication, ie by telephone or e-mail.
  • On these websites, you can be very careful and read the information, especially if you are offered free trial samples or grips for providing personal data.
  • The business message, ie any offer for goods sent by e-mail must be sent with a valid address to which you, as an address, can send information that you do not want the business information to be sent to you below.
  • If the trader does not respect the disagreement with the sending of commercial messages, contact the personal data protection council. According to this account, a fine of up to ten million crowns could be sent to the e-mail sender of that urgent sender. You can find the formula here.
  • If the seller does not respect your will, it may be an aggressive business practice, and therefore a breach of consumer protection law. You can also contact the Czech Trade Inspectorate with a suggestion.
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