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We can connect with the pitfalls of winter

Do you have good property insurance? Then you are dry, even if the snow pulls down too and you start the house. Even basic fuses cover the risk of snow and frost. If the ice from your house hurts a passerby, I assume responsibility for the code.

You can also arrange insured households and real estate in the winter, and when all the whims of the weather are bad, you will immediately collect the compensation. “Ron has a household worth 500 thousand crowns worth about two thousand. The house insurance for those millions is paid from CZK 2,600 per year, ”says Milan Ka from the Kooperativa insurance company. Snh and frost bag can stuff and put codes on the property and on health.

1. How to proceed when snh pokod stechu?

It is possible to apply for real estate and households. If mono, make sure that the code does not turn on, and contact the insurance company as soon as possible. They will agree with you on the infoline when the technician will come for an inspection. document the code and, if necessary, obtain witnesses.

2. Is it possible to get a pension from the insurance company, when are you leaving?

Yes, but only when the roof was damaged by a natural disaster, you snow and frost. Then the codes may apply to the insurance of real estate and households. It pays you when the snow pulls down too much or bends the eaves. The procedure will be the same as for damaged roofs.

3. Does the insurance cover both the house and the household as well as for cases where a frost rupture has frozen the pipeline?

In most cases, yes, but this may not be the case for insurance households and cottages. As in your case, see in the contracts.

4. How can I pay for a situation where snow falling from the roof of my house damages my car?

“The code in this case is covered by an emergency vehicle,” explains Tom Hejda from SOB Pojiovny. If you have arranged it, proceed as for the roof. Otherwise, pay for the repair and the new car from your own.

5. Should the situation be when the car pokod snh from foreign stechy?

Document the situation thoroughly, provide witnesses, and when you estimate the losses at more than 100 thousand crowns, report the incident to the police. Then contact the homeowner and file a refund. The cost of this is my liability. “If the code is not replaced, you have to go to court,” explains Pavel Jakab from the law firm Peterka & Partners.

If you have accident insurance, check the contract to see if it also applies to these cases. the code could then be paid by the insurance company. Then I take a bag of bonuses, which will mean a premium.

The safety device against the object on the vehicle is usually connected in the basic package of the emergency safety device. It is up to the insurance company to collect the insurance benefit from the property owner.

Variants of the scope of insurance liability and limits of performance
code on healthy code on vci Financial code
2,000,000 crowns 1,000,000 crowns 500,000 crowns
4,000,000 crowns 2,000,000 crowns 750,000 crowns
6,000,000 crowns 3,000,000 crowns 1,000,000 crowns
Source: esk business insurance company. The table shows the maximum amounts that the bond will fill.
Ron’s insurance premium for a typical new house ranges from 381 crowns to 933 crowns.

6. What is the recommended procedure when a snow falls from the roof of my head and on the street once?

The procedure is similar to that of a car, you want to enforce compensation from the owner of the house. “If a rescue service intervenes, she should write a report with you,” warns Milan Ka. Compensation varies in hundreds of crowns and in thousands of thousands, sometimes in hundreds of thousands.

“It is also possible to reimburse for loss due to incapacity for work, or even after its termination, if the consequences once lasted, and to reimburse the costs associated with the member,” says Pavel Jakab. This allows you to apply a single fuse.

7. Am I entitled to compensation when I slip on a poorly cleaned general sidewalk and how do I do it once?

The procedure is similar to the previous case, the responsibility lies with the municipality. If the footpath belongs, check the general order. With the exception of unmanageable calamities, the village should clean the sidewalks, or mark those that do not keep in winter. You can reconnect it again.

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