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We don’t pay much attention to advisors, we prefer to rely on ourselves

When buying a new house, car or slingshot, or deciding where to store disputes, we often rely on ourselves. This was shown by a survey by ING Bank Svt spoen.

When deciding on pensions, the main and oldest groups in the group: 60 percent of people aged 18 and 29 and 60 percent of people aged 50 and 60.

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Almost half of them then make a financial decision with their partner and thus the aunt with their family. The two partners are most often the younger generation up to the age of 39, and the women then rely on financial decisions for me.

“Dvra in the circle of the closest family, even in financial difficulties, is very important. I am happy to rely on our close attention, ”said Libor Vanek, Director of Retail Banking at ING Bank R.

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The source of many financial issues are independent financial advisers, friends, bank advisers and the Internet. About two people are interviewed. Only a negligible percentage of respondents in these matters speak to the world, colleagues and information in the media.

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“I understand that measuring information on the Internet and in the media can sometimes be misleading and counterproductive. On the other hand, I am surprised by the distrust in financial experts, and they are not independent or banking, ”comments Libor Vanek on the results.

At the same time, according to the director, these people have an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the bottom of the financial markets, for example, when choosing a suitable product for storing financial reserves, they can help with the selection and strategy that will lead to above-standard financial growth.

“A suitable alternative is a combination of multiple data sources, such as reviewing the information available on the Internet and a subsequent discussion with a financial expert and partner. Konen’s decision and responsibility is a matter for everyone, ”adds Vanek.

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