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We tested the binder. Yes to Kooperativa, no to AXA pojiovny

Our decision-making, where to arrange insurance, is also influenced by breeding employees of branches. We convinced ourselves of it. The professional from Kooperativa got us immediately. On the contrary, the lack of interest of an AXA pojiovny employee about a potential client decided that we would not consider this connection.

As soon as I said that I just wanted information, I didn’t care

“I drank to the insurance company to ask about information about life insurance, because I think about it quite well, but I don’t know anything. The employee of the branch willingly took me on, ”the letter said from the dissatisfied thin. “But as soon as I said that I just wanted the information to understand it all, she turned it around, gave me a flyer and told me to grow it there, and it was obvious that I wasn’t interested in it,” she described her negative experience thin.

Due to the fact that we have received similar problems not only for employees of insurance companies, but also for banks and building societies – we have received more in recent months since then, we decided to try out professional insurance for several breeding companies on our own.

We make the connection with the connecting household

Randomly, we will select branches connected to Prague. The decision on the selection is influenced only by their availability in the city center. The chosen product, for which we will want to get detailed information, is household insurance. We are interested not only in the year of insurance, but also the risks that the insurance covers, the possibility of additional liability for codes and thus the required security of the apartment.

The primary goal of our small survey is to either confirm or disprove the experience, especially from the point of view of breeding staff to clients. We are interested in whether the employees of the branches, even if they find out that the contract will not be concluded, will remain professional and will try to offer the client as much information as possible and at the same time as clear as possible.

Given that we will act in the role of a client, we will monitor the other circumstances that the hunter will influence when deciding on a service provider. For example, how to be a branch office, how to operate a branch office.

Conversely, the duty will not compare the products offered.

Breeding employees have an influential influence on our decision-making

The employee we are dealing with is a company representative for us. It depends on its breeding and one multiple time whether we close the product at the selected insurance company or bank. Not always the main and decisive factor is the price, as we later see in our branches.

Practically all “tested” employees cannot be criticized for their approach to the client. Greetings and water questions to the client were always said. So all the employees behaved politely and kept the client in touch.

The known differences in the breeding work of the bag occur at the moment when we approach the very reason of the nymph. According to the professionalism of our employees, we divided the individual branches into three groups.

First group – active “profci”

Employees of Kooperativa and Generali became imaginary entrants in professional breeding. In the bottom case, they were not discouraged by the remark that I only get information, I do not decide.

Employee Cooperatives He immediately took the initiative on the initiative, proposing variants of including insurance risks, which include. He recommended insurance and even co-payments. Veker gradually put the data into the program in secret. He ambiguously explained the ambiguities. He took the initiative, not to ask any questions other than the question about the connection cellar. It wasn’t you, the employee shared information with them, nor would the hunter ask.

On top of that, I received a detailed offer of insurance for two variants with additional liability for codes, including insurance premiums and included insurance limits. Nabdku we go once together proli. For clarity, also the General Insurance Terms and Conditions of the product.

I only write a small bird to a colleague of “my” employee. He jumped in to talk to me with a private question, to which he answered and continued his work.

With a similar chovnm se setkvm iv pojiovn General. Immediately after giving the reason, the employee took the floor and discussed the product offer item by item. put t tone into the program in potai. In one case, it was very interesting to explain the whole issue on practical basis. Thanks to them, the inexperienced client, for whom I pretended to be, was able to make a clear idea of ​​insurance risks, indemnity limits and other items according to the total insurance.

The employee recommended joint liability. On top of that, I received a detailed offer of an insurance household with a calculated insurance policy.

Type group – informed employees without interest

Employees of esk pojiovny, Allianz and SOB Pojiovny were dedicated to me, but from the first moment the hunter revered that he would have to take over the activity.

V esk pojiovn a young worker took over and, after clarifying the reason for the visit, went down for an information leaflet, which she taught me. Gradually go through the individual items that affect the insurance premium, the employee puts the item into the pot.

Unfortunately, there is a noticeable daily activity, the hunter feels that he is working with the machine. I also have to ask additional questions, she only asks if the limit of insurance indemnity for individual items suits me. She also asks for the security of the apartment, bonding responsibilities and bonding the basement.

On top of that, there is a triple offer with insurance.

V UNDER Pojiovn the situation was quite similar to tv esk pojiovn. After clarifying the reason, the employee at the branch asked, “You might want a calculation?” After I kicked, she opened the program in potai and waited. For all the information I wanted to get, I had to ask. Unfortunately, she didn’t explain anything to me, she didn’t explain. She only filled in basic data, which affects the calculation of insurance premiums, and on top of that she gave me a very stringent price offer.

What was very unpleasant in the branch, so the breeding staff did not weave from the point of view of its professionalism, but had an effect on the overall feeling of one. The employee stood right behind the door at the buzzer, which opened the front door. During the second period, we were cut off in this way and the worker’s attention was always diverted elsewhere.

V Alliance pojiovn I meet an employee who, after the water, when I tell him, for pichzm, sed and silent flowers. When I asked him what to offer me, he told me that I had to ask, then he would be able to do something for me. Gradually, I will ask the question. On his part, there is no activity if he pauses, asks, and asks a question again.

After a hard work, at least a clarification of the whole issue, we also got the price offer. The employee put the data in the pot as needed and calculated the price calculation that my pedal would take.

I consider an inadmissible bag several disturbances during our one. At first, the employees of a colleague pedaled some materials, which they spent for a while, did not draw attention to me. Roughly in the middle of our conversation, a client called him, with whom he had a problem for some time, searched in secret and shared information on the phone. The telephone conversation with the same client was repeated in a few minutes. Of course, the sweat that the employee was coming back to me did not remember what we were talking about.

Tet group – “failure”

From our point of view, the employee was absolutely unprofessional AXA pojiovny. After telling nvtvy, he asked how much I wanted to insure the household. As soon as I introduced the letter, he entered it into the file and immediately “blurted out” the insurance premium. It was obvious that nmi nai nvtvu was over. When asked if you just need to share the total insurance premiums, he replied: “Yes, you don’t need everything and you have a responsibility there.”

I tried to go get answers to the questions, but the employee did not consider it necessary to deal with them in detail. He just nodded, and I stepped, I got up and left.

I didn’t get anything in my hand with this one insurance company, the day of the offer with the calculated insurance or the information leaflet.

Efforts to get the client we notice her at the arrest one

The sales breed, ie the effort to get a client, was evident from the meeting only at the worker Cooperatives. During one few times he emphasized that I could turn to him at any time, on the other hand he pedaled my business card. A part of his interest in a new client was also an interesting offer of a discount on the total insurance premium, which he offered from himself.

I also received a business card with an offer from employees esk pojiovny a General.

Deputy AXA pojiovny Although his overall approach to potential clients did not express interest, however, on leaving he asked me if I did not want his business card if I needed to go.

From the steps UNDER Pojiovny a Allianz I did not receive a contact for contact or a business card.

It is important to talk about private conditions with a hunter behind the walls

For the test, we selected the branches connected according to the address only. Our decision was not affected by their size either. For this reason, it is not possible to compare their bottom. For example, in a branched branch esk pojiovny the client sits in the department only with the employee. The one waiting for the client is not waiting for him, he is waiting in a separate space, and a number of things will come to him.

A similar feeling feels private to me client in the branch Allianz, which is quite large and the hunter is relatively private with the employee at his workplace.

Sit in a separate area and in a branch General, however, behind your walls – born in sufficient distance – sat gave clients. Among other things, the feeling of a private bag was disturbed by another employee who negotiated next to us with a client. She looked at me a few times and listened to her talking to her colleague. It was pretty awkward.

With a worker Cooperatives I acted in a branch where at the time of the second day the client did not give. If the bag healed, private would be disturbed both by another employee with a client next to us, and by the waiting seat behind the wall.

V AXA pojiovn the interview took place at a separate table without the presence of other clients at the branch. The hunter has an uncomfortable feeling of having two walls open to the street, through which he knew the room.

Absolutely without privacy took place once at the branch UNDER Pojiovny. During my stay, two other clients drank, who sat and sat only a few inches from me and were practically present to my conversation with the branch staff.

Cenov vychz nejlevnji AXA pojiovna

The change in the test was not to compare the suitability and prices of the offered insurance products of individual insurers. Thus, each of the connections in the basic offer also covers various risks. There is also a difference in insurance claims or, for example, the possibility of the client’s participation.

If we would like to decide only on the basis of the ascertained premium price (it also includes additional liability), the cheapest starting product at AXA insurance company with a premium of CZK 1,900 and the earliest at Generali for CZK 3,200.

  • AXA pojiovna – ron insurance 1,900 crowns
  • Cooperative pojiovna – ron insurance 2,216 crowns
  • UNDER Pojiovna – ron insurance 2,395 crowns
  • Alliance pojiovna – ron insurance 2,800 crowns
  • esk pojiovna – ron insurance 2,944 crowns
  • Generals pojiovna – ron insurance 3,200 crowns

Cooperative: clear vtz

Furthermore, in addition to the number of potential orders, which is based on the implementation of the nvtv decides where to connect the household. The decision is very simple for me. Unambiguous heating of Kooperativa and unambiguous heating of AXA pojiovna.

In Generali I was very satisfied with the approach and breeding of the worker, unfortunately the insurance is the highest here. In the Czech Association, I obtained the necessary information, but I did not convince the employees of my breeding to conclude the connection here.

I will not go to SOB Pojiovny or Allianz to take out insurance. Their deputies discouraged me.

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