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We tested the hell hell. We found big differences between the installments

Three patterns of tiles and five building societies in the test of infernal incl. The result? Significant discrepancies between the offered annual rates and thus differences in the various installments, which reach up to 1,200 crowns.

In the offer of building societies, you will find different types of infernal doors. For easy orientation, we prepared three sample tiles for three different types of applicants and three different apartment buildings and submitted building societies to choose the appropriate products for hell.

Pattern treasure. 1: Mortgage refinancing

Mirce is 33 years old, single and childless. He is employed, his monthly income is about 20 thousand crowns.

He lived in a studio apartment, which she shared for 1.8 million crowns a few years ago. Splc mortgage. Due to the fact that the fixation was decided, she decided to look even after the offers of building societies.

You can pay 400 thousand crowns from the mortgage. She would like to meet them for about 15 years. In addition to the mortgage no dn vr, the credit card nem.

Spltka around 3,400 crowns

In what Mirce building societies would offer, we do not see the extreme difference. At least what about you in msnch spltek. Practically for all savings banks, in the period of hell it would meet approximately 3300 – 3400 crowns.

At least, less than 3,300 crowns, would be paid by Buinka and the Pyramid. On the contrary, the most, dog 3400, would go to Lika in a split.

According to the available data, the completion of the gap will take Mirka less than seven years.

Pattern treasure. 2: Reconstruction of the apartment

Young (28 and 25 years old) childless husband Petr and Jana inherited a 2 + 1 apartment in personal ownership, which needs to be renovated.

Both are employed. Their same income is about 28 thousand crowns (both together).

They would like to finance the reconstruction in more than 800 thousand crowns. They would like to meet him for about 15 years. Apart from the mortgage, they do not have a credit card or credit card.

Msn spltka is highest at the Pyramid, not at Buinka

As with Mirka, who is considering refinancing mortgages in return from the building society, Petr and Jana also offer savings banks in most of their installments.

In most cases, the family budget ranges from about 6600 (Buinka) to about 6900 crowns (Blue Pyramid). Fulfilling the gap will take less than seven years.

Pattern treasure. 3: Buying an apartment

A young family, husband Ji and Ivana at the age of 32 and 30 with one ten-year-old, want to buy an apartment for 2.2 million crowns.

Both are employed. Their same income is about 32 thousand crowns (both together).

They have 600 thousand crowns. They would like to finance the remaining 1.6 million crowns in advance. They would like him to meet for about 20 years. Apart from the mortgage, they do not have a credit card or credit card.

Msn spltka u Liky vy about 1,243 koun

We noticed the difference between in msn spltky and in this model type of the applicant about vr. At least, less than 11 thousand crowns, clients would pay at Pyramida and Raiffeisen, Lika and Wstenrot would pay Jiho and Ivan almost 12 thousand crowns.

The difference between the lowest amount of 10613 crowns for the Blue Pyramid and the highest 11856 crowns for Lika and 1243 crowns.

Stavebna spořitelna esk spoitelny mistakenly confused the input data on the faith and the price of the apartment during the processing of the model deposit of this example. “We apologize to the editors and the team,” said Zdenka Blechov, spokesman for Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny.

The time of completion of the gap is bad for the collection of savings banks. For Lika it would take Jim and Ivan about nine years, for Raiffeisen twelve.

The product offer is the same for the three types of applicants

Building societies for all bodies financed and for all three types of applicants offered practically identical products.

The only exception is Buinka in the case of client Mirka requesting a mortgage refinancing, which offered two products, depending on the possibility of canceling the property.

Lika for clients who want to finance the purchase of an apartment, chose the same product as in the other two cases, but in a different tariff.

Nejvy rok nabz Wstenrot

We noticed a difference in individual offers in the year. Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna (6.1%) offered the highest in the intermediate period (6.1%), while Lika and Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna (5.1%) did the most.

The client of the Blue Pyramid client can get to the year in case he sets the set annual rate of 5.25% with 0.2%. All you have to do for this is to become a client of Komern banka and pay through their Blue Account, Blue Account Plus or other personal product here.

The Raiffeisen client can also reduce the annual rate by a tenth of a percent, if he also arranges insurance in the event of death and permanent consequences. Although the installment is several hundred crowns in the snow, it is necessary to pay the installment for the bond.

The property does not belong to Buinka and Pyramida

Mortgage banks always ask for a mortgage-financed real estate (or a property other than the corresponding value) for the provision of a mortgage. This is the case with building societies, as some of them may withdraw from the requirement to ruin the property.

Only two building societies do not require real estate cancellation, and only for clients considering refinancing mortgages. The first is Buinka, if the client chooses in TREND. The disadvantage of the bag is the rate against the second offered product by eight tenths of a percentage point.

The pyramid would provide the client peklenovac vr without the mortgage of real estate. The two conditions would be guaranteed by two guarantors and the rate would jump from 5.25% (or 5.05%) to 6.49%.

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