Sunday May 22, 2022

We want credit card bonuses mainly for ourselves

A MasterCard survey has shown that credit card holders want to donate their close proximity to charity. What bonuses do people want the most? How in this regard if the individual nations?

A survey of 1,400 credit card holders was conducted in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Poland in July and August 2006. The aim of the survey was to find out consumers’ approach to co-branded cards. This special type of payment card is the result of cooperation between the issuer (usually the issuing bank) and other companies. For cardholders, in addition to the services of classic debit and credit cards, they also present discounts or bonuses on selected goods and services, participation in loyalty programs and other options.

According to a new MasterCard Worldwide study, a quarter of European consumers want a credit card that offers some kind of bonus. Darkly half of them were happy to spend this bonus on their own. These people are almost twice as many as those who would give a reward to charities or environmental organizations. Going to me, the respondent would spend the reward on family and friends.

How would the discount be?

The research thus revealed a growing interest in luxury bonuses and benefits. Respondents would prefer discounts on weekend stays in foreign cities, free tickets to the cinema, theater and concert, or a free stay for free.

The bag and demand for financial bonuses at traditional retailers is still very important, the consumer uses their services every day. 65% of respondents would like a credit card that provides an immediate discount on the purchase price, while 57% would like cash back at the end of the year in a certain percentage of their total expenses.

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Co o vs k vae kreditn karta?

The survey revealed that aunt of European consumers, most of them Italian, have a credit card that shows service and cessation. Dal aunt would like their credit card to be associated with a strong character that rubs off their personal interests, especially the Poles showed the greatest interest in this feature of the card.

a quarter of the consumer, most of all Opt Polka, would look for the eye-catching appearance of the card. Another 25% of respondents would like a card, they would design its appearance themselves, and the Italians would ask this option the most.

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