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What can you expect from the pension connection?

Household surveys are uiten. What does a Czech citizen, who is average and well-informed about his or her future life, want to stop working? In how high will the old-age pension be and what role will the supplementary income have in its total income, will you be the first to connect the pension?

These and similar questions are usually known to the answers, because some agencies, which systematically deal with the research of public currency, include in their scope, among other things, the relationship of citizens to the pension scheme. From their statistical data it is possible to conclude, among other things, that this product is informative (naturally to different depths and with different accuracy, because the questions are not nearly trivial) permanently practically the entire adult population (answers such as non-pension represented by only one and three percentages, ie at the limit of statistical error).

For example, let us know that the people who have a contract for her pension pipojitn with some of the pension funds concluded, in an absolutely decisive case, in the long run they state that they have insured themselves primarily in order to ensure the security of a certain additional financial income in st. Roughly five of the contracts were concluded due to the fact of very good financial evaluation of the invested contribution; other reasons (recommended for friends and families, heritage for children, offers pension fund etc.) play only marginally a role, when the maximum representation of this type of response is 8.8%.

Oban’s remnant illusion

What about that? It seems that we are witnessing a paradox: even the political representation would reach an agreement on the future form of the pension system, the final user and consumer of this future agreement means that even more Czechs have reached the population for a long time ivotn rove. I did not (and, with exceptions, with a confrontational view of the life of you pensioners in Germany) have the rest of the illusion. Therefore, the fears of some Czech policies that the public is not in favor of the first and mass demonstrations by attempts to see the existing pension systems in Italy, France and other countries are clearly a warning, again, and you are not bothered. If this is aware of the need to look for all the ways to prepare you for the wall, for each age and income of the group manifests itself in a slightly different way, the furnace is logical. This can be demonstrated by the different representation of individual age cohorts of the existing tribes of pensioners.

The structure of the tribe astnk pension pension

Source: MF R

It is already mentioned that at present the number of approximately 2.6 million participants consists of approximately one half of the participants, their pension benefits are fully paid, and the other half of the participants are connected according to the amendment to the pension connection law.

Let’s compare the two groups according to the same criteria of representation of individual age groups and show the result in the following graphs. Both tribes are quite li. What is quite common and what is probably not surprising is the fact that people in the early pre-retirement age are always very strongly represented (it does not follow from any of the graphs, but from other sources we know that there is no difference between the representation of him and him). The differences in the left-hand graph of people under the age of 50 show that the amendment appealed primarily to the youngest group of people in their twenties and twenties. On the other hand, what is right for both groups is strongly according to the 24% of people over the age of 60 with contracts after the amendment, and even 27.8% of pensioners among those with old contracts.

Seniors in the position of pltc pspvk, not in the position of recipients of two pensions, this is probably a longer – term unsustainable specificity of the Czech form of pension supplementary and it can be explained both by the immaturity of the system and the government ‘s efforts in this form at least within the possibility of financially subsidizing the senior generation.

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