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What is free, we can’t use much. Prevention of neglect of animals from ns

About preventive medications, which are free, do not cost much. Inspections worth about 200 and 470 crowns are regularly used by only about 40 percent of adults. The crab for cancer is worth 1.5 million crowns.

VN disease is not only a nerve breakdown, but can also sharply reduce the family’s income. However, we still do not know how to use the pension that we invest in public health insurance for the benefit of our own health and to reveal your health problem. If they go to bed, and when the disease is known and has health problems.

There is a warning about healthy health

You need to lower your cholesterol in the blood, which will help to detect the development of heart and vascular diseases, run through people and after a child. We should be interested in this prevention for the first time in adulthood and according to the age of 30 at regular decade intervals.

We are in a similar situation with the preventive examination of blood sugar, which can detect your diabetes. According to an up-to-date survey of health information and statistics, only about 42 percent of the adult population has undergone this prevention in the last 12 months. And warnings should be based on the survey and other preventive tests.

We pay thousands of crowns for health insurance

In the case of the public health insurance fund, we pay year after year. For example, households pay health insurance now 13 thousand crowns a year. Self-employed and free professions pay a salary for health insurance of at least 19 thousand crowns per year.

Employees pay a contribution to the health insurance employer. You, a childless employee with an average salary of 23,350 crowns gross, contributes more than 12,000 crowns a year to his public health insurance company, and another approximately 25,000 crowns will be paid for by his health insurance employer.

Prevention only costs a hundred crowns

You can find out all preventive examinations, for some years, at your health insurance company, or inquire at a general practitioner. A clear table of basic preventive inspections can be found in the infographics. The value of these readings, including laboratory tests, ranges from 200 to 470 crowns.

In addition, you have one year in two years to pay the total price at the practical training. The practitioner who raises will collect 472 crowns for the preventive action from the insurance company, in this case you will not pay the regulated fee. Preventive examinations at a gynecologist cost the health insurance company about 200 crowns.

If you decide to take, for example, a test for the presence of blood in the stool, which signals a possible cancer of the colon, this procedure will cost the health insurance company 191 crowns. However, even this reading is very neglected in the Czech Republic.

Invited by the disease costs and millions of crowns
The treatment of the disease is many times more expensive than the prevention itself, which can also prevent the disease. According to VZP, the price of surgery for colon cancer, including hospitalization, is in the range of 150 and 230 thousand crowns, for example, and chemotherapy with biological treatment will cost more and 115 thousand crowns. In total, the rate of colon cancer is around 1.5 and 1.6 million crowns.

A similar example is the treatment of breast cancer. In such a case alone, the operation and stay in the hospital will cost 50 thousand crowns, hormonal treatment for another and 50 thousand, the price of any radiotherapy reaches an average of about 20 thousand crowns and the cost of chemotherapy, including biology, and 1.3 million crowns.

Lkai bn does not draw attention to prevention, just nkte

“The reason for the people not to respond to preventive inspections is simple. We are in Czech, when something is free, we would take care of it. The obligatory invitation of the people for preventive examinations is an administrative burden for practical teachers. There is a number of people and mainly teeth who invite their clients to preventive check-ups, ”says Blanka Kramoliov, the youngest Czech health insurance company, Mdia.

“There are really good reserves in prevention. This is due to the fact that the system is not connected. If we could agree with the client in the insurance contract on the rules, give him a choice and involve him financially in prevention and cooperation in lb, the worst case of neglected diseases would be me. And the data of the insurance company would also be lower, ”adds Anna Veverkov, director of the external relations department of the General Health Insurance Company (VZP).

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